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Full Version: Blue Smoke
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Hi all,

Couple of weeks ago had a bit of an accident in the car resulting in a smashed rear wheel and hub carrier/suspension etc..

Finally got all the parts fitted end of last week. During the week it was stood I ran the car for about half hour in the middle of the week.

Once it was all together, I took it to have new tyres fitted and have a wheel allignment check, When I pulled off there was thick blue smoke (Indicating oil) coming from the exhaust. It cleared within less than half a mile so guessed some oil was chucked about in the accident perhaps.

However this morning I stopped in a lay by for about 10 mins, kept the car running on idle, then when I drove away exactly the same happened... Its not happening on start up... If it was I would suspect valve stem seals? But it seems to be doing it if the car has been idling for 10/15 mins.

What could it be?

Car in question is 2.0TDCi 2005 Focus. Recently serviced, recently had cam belt done. (Week before accident) about 95K on the clock.

Any ideas much appreciated.
Sorry I can't help on this mate, I'm sure someone else will advise shortly.

But bloody hell mate what happened? I noticed your selling your alloys you not long bought so it must of been bad. You alright? Was anyone hurt?
if its blue its oil theres a list of reasons why but it can be piston seals worn valve guides a dirty or faulty pcv valve intake gasket leak dirty air filter causing oil blow back worn engine oil seals even head gasket failure diesel and oil mixing excessive idling causing fouling to name but a few if you wish to aviod a big bill have it checked asap
Definetly get that checked out soon, could be turbo seals giving up which could easy end up a run away
Ahh this isnt sounding good :/ Just spent a fortune on it getting it back on the road!

Brigante- I was fine thanks mate, Luckly no one else was involved. I just got caught out by some heavy rain when it hadn't rained for several weeks. Iv driven the road thousands of times and in a lot worse rain, however the police said because it hadn't rained for so long the roads were a lot more slippery.
I have also noticed that you can hear like an air sucking noise from inside the car under acceleration, its not really loud but noticable when the radio is off... Could this point to turbo issues aswell?
And just to note, this has only been doing this since the accident a few weeks ago... Can it be in any way related? The only damage was rear corner.

The car went up a bank front end first then got spun around clipping the rear wheel on a kurb on the bottom of the bank tearing it off and sliding up the bank backwards. Could some oil be thrown about within the top of the engine be trapped?
Been out for a drive thismorning, let if warm up for 10mins before I left, no smoke, stopped after about 10 miles, let it idle for 15 mins or so, drove away, no smoke, drove about 5 miles, stopped, let it idle for 10 mins, drove away, no smoke... could it have just been a one off thing?
only time will tell

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