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Full Version: Problem Selecting Gear 1999 Focus 1.8 Tddi
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[size=5]Dear Forum members.[/size]
[size=5]As a layman not having mechanical knowledge of cars , I wish to request advice please about my car, which I only bought recently second hand.[/size]

[size=5]The car is in vg working order, but what I find is that sometimes (but not every time-perhaps one time in four) when selecting first gear, and moving off, I find the gear has not engaged. In fact when this happens there is a slight grating and I have to push the gear lever in again to engage it properly and it usually does go in second attempt, sometimes with slight crunch. Just now and then when I put it in first gear it immediately pops out again, but this is rare. [/size]
[size=5]The problem does not happen on any of the other four forward gears, or reverse, except just very occasionally with third gear. [/size]

[size=5]I am wondering whether this indicates wear on gearbox, or whether some other part of the car might be involved. [/size]

[size=5]Should anyone be able to advise in regard to this I would be very grateful. I dont want to get a replacement gear box then find it wasnt a gearbox problem at all. [/size]
[size=5]Yours with thanks[/size] in advance
Sounds like damage to the third gear teeth.
I'd say without a shadow of doubt that you need either a rebuild (big bill, unfortunately) or a replacement reconditioned gear box (still not cheap).
It's not something you can fix yourself, the gearbox is a complex bit of kit that needs doing by a professional.
I'd start by casting around for companies that recondition units and hopefully you can make a deal whereby you can px your old box for a guaranteed recon or sniff around scrappies for a box but be aware that they won't guarantee them.
Of course you can have a dig around on eBay too.
There are some available just the likelihood of no guarantee either.
might be worth getting the cables for the gear selector first, as i had the same problem with 1st after i changed the clutch in mine ( turned out i had'nt reset the cables properly on re-fitting), the issue with 3rd however is quite a common problem on the mk1, if it does turn out to be the gearbox though it should'nt cost the earth as the MTX75 box is a very common one still being used now
Dear Sir (Swhite)
I am grateful for your kind advice - I wonder if you would recommend getting replacement cables for the gear selector or just resetting them.
Also would you kindly advise - would I have to install the cables for gear selector through the area near the gear change lever or elsewhere. Is it a difficult job, and as for the cables - how many cables are there and are they expensive.
Would one get new or second hand cables.
your kind assistance is appreciated thanks
the ends that connect to the gearbox have got 2 orange adjusters that push in so that the cable can be removed/ adjusted, (located behind the box so the airbox/batery tray and gearbox mount will need to be removed to gain access).
these can sometimes wear and if they are then you will need to change both cables. personally i would buy new as opposed to 2nd hand. they are easy enough to change, albeit a bit fiddly the easiest way i found was to attach a piece of string to the old set to act as a guide line for the new ones.
you can buy them new for about £40-£50 on ebay so not too pricey but definitely worth checking the existing ones fist
Dear Mr White.
Thank you for the kind further advice. It may well be worth my while looking into it.
On the other hand the other gentleman that kindly responded to my query felt "without a shadow of a doubt" that the problem was going to be a gearbox problem with worn teeth on 3rd gear.
I would be grateful for further comments on this .
Someone today suggested putting some liquid into the gearbox called Molyslip, saying this might help, reducing wear on the gearbox.
Yours truly
Usually If it's a problem with cables then all gears would be difficult.
Having problems with one particular gear always points to that specific gear cog.
I'd say the cog was badly worn or even missing teeth.
I do not mean to detract from all the other posters as the points they bring up are definitely worth checking too.

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