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Full Version: Engine Mounting Mk2 Number?
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Hello. my engine mounting is broken
This is model my car FordFocus Mk2 2007

This is my mounting engine top


someone know this part number?

example : 5s4z-6038-cb

Please help me.
anyone know? part number?
you wont need it just ask for it its on the database under youre reg buy from ford ive heard the aftermarket ones are poor quality
i see at some website the mounting engine top same mazda3.. how about it? can use or not?

detail Number Part Mazda3 : BP4S-39-060

Someone know the Part Number FF MK2 Engine Mounting Top please tell me..
after a 30second google search 98AB-6036-CK is the part number for the 1.6
Below is all FORD Part details for all engine mounts on the MK2 Focus until end of production of the MK2.5 Focus!

Only reason it says until 2008 is because I was looking under MK2 - 2005 pre facelift model which also included the CMAX.. hence starting from 2003.

But looking under each FINIS it says also applicable to 2008 onwards.

All part numbers correct as of Q1 2012

FINIS: 1343056
ENG P/N: 4M51-6F012-DC
Previously: 4M51-6F012-DB ([i]1324968)[/i]
From: 18-04-2005 To: 15-01-2008 1.8L Duratorq-DI HPCR (115PS) Lynx

FINIS: 1543750
ENG P/N: 7M51-6F012-YB
Previously: 3M51-6F012-SC ([i]1224047[/i]), 3M51-6F012-SD ([i]1255094[/i]), 3M51-6F012-SE ([i]1315539[/i]), 3M51-6F012-SF ([i]1345226[/i]). 7M51-6F012-YA ([i]1376724[/i])
From: 23-06-2003 To: 15-01-2008 2.0L Duratorq-TDCi (136PS) - DW10

FINIS: 1567937
ENG P/N: 3M51-6F012-BH
Previously: 3M51-6F012-BC ([i]1230982[/i]), 3M51-6F012-BD ([i]1233493[/i]), 3M51-6F012-BE ([i]1250618[/i]), 3M51-6F012-BF ([i]1345657[/i]), 3M51-6F012-BG ([i]1437549[/i])
From: 07-02-2005 To: 15-01-2008 1.6L Duratorq TDCi (90PS) - DV6
From: 23-06-2003 To: 15-01-2008 1.6L Duratorq TDCi (110PS) - DV6

FINIS: 1567878
ENG P/N: 3M51-6F012-AH
Previously: 3M51-6F012-AB ([i]1224042[/i]), 3M51-6F012-AC ([i]1230307[/i]), 3M51-6F012-AD ([i]1233492[/i]), 3M51-6F012-AE ([i]1250617[/i]), 3M51-6F012-AF ([i]1345225[/i]), 3M51-6F012-AG ([i]1430066[/i])
From: 23-06-2003 To: 15-01-2008 Duratec HE

FINIS: 1568052
ENG P/N: 3M51-6F012-CH
Previously: 3M51-6F012-CE ([i]1306038)[/i], 3M51-6F012-CF ([i]1345658[/i][i])[/i], 3M51-6F012-CG ([i]1430067[/i])
From: 08-03-2006 To: 15-01-2008 All Zetec S / Duratec 16V Engines
From: 15-09-2003 To: 08-03-2006 Zetec-S (Duratec 16V)

ENG P/N:3M51-6037-AE
Previously: 3M51-6037-AD ([i]1345659)[/i]
From: 04-10-2005 To: 15-01-2008 ST (Same for RS also)

Looks like these have been repeatedly problems for Ford, because they have modified them all at some point or another, several times indeed.
THanks bro.. is good info for me.. :)

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