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Full Version: Speedo Trouble
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focus 1.8 ghia 2004 petrol

Driving along near home, raining, wipers and heater on 2 came off a roundabout and going in a straight line Speedo dropped from 30 and I screamed like a little girl... 10 seconds later it was back. I put my sat nav on went for a drive and its speed seems to tally with the sat nav bar the 3mph difference at 30. It seems fine now .. but when reversing not say under 10 is does not move ?

What could be up here ?

very odd fault well one I have never had.
thanks for any help

given the year the speed sensor on the gearbox is the likely culprit the speedo only will drop out momentarily it will play up now and again just beware it can cut all power to the car
evening art,

Crickey about losing all power. I will keep an eye on it and if it does it again I will dust the Haynes off and change it.

I popped in my local garage and he reckons with all the rain it may have as shorted momentarily. He said keep and eye on it for the next two weeks and if it does it again or more frequently they would change that first.

Interes ting I called the my local ford service department he said 90% of the time its the Speedo cluster and they will supply and fit for 99 which sounds cheap. But if its the speed sensor its 180! he said the soldier joint crack and loose contact on the back of Ty he c luster so they change and re code it. Also mentioned why my local garage said and he said its a possibility and best to see how it goes and if it fails again to book it in.

The speed sensor is 48.06 + 1.08 for a clip. not sure how simple this is to change.

he Saud look out for warning lights coming on and off and the temp gauge going up and down all point to a faulty Speedo cluster. Along with lack of power and possible stalling.

Thanks for the post art, I will keep my eyes peeled and post back any further issues.

evening to you too stoney

I was just wondering should I just change it to error on the side of caution or keep an eye on it.

out of interest and to see what I'm letting myself in for is there a guide tv or this job ? lol providing I can find a dry afternoon

its rarely the cluster only if all the dials are playing up is it a cluster fault if its just a speedo issue its the sensor and the mechanic knows that a cluster fault effects the whole cluster so speedo and revs drop out various warning lights flash dials sweep on their own

changing the sensor depends on how rusted the clip is the sensor and clip can snap causing a headache i would have ford change it
If it's the sensor them the Speedo will drop, engine power will go down by about 25% and the odometer won't go up.
The cluster is a recognised fault. That's why ford do it cheap.
The sensor is a bit of a git sometimes, they tend to be in very tight and can snap off leaving half the sensor stuck in the casing.
You can buy the sensor and a new pin on eBay for about 25 including the pin-
Ahhh so this definitely points to the sensor.

It's behaved so far today. But for peace of mind/safety I will get it changed or have a go. Bit hesitant at the latter in case half of it breaks plus this pin from searching sounds a pain and awkward. Interesting people have managed to do it from above by moving the airbox ducting, not sure if that made is easier. Sounds more straight forward going in under. I may pass given the weather. Working at my snail pace no doubt would be battling for 3 hours lol if it goes well hehe.

thanks for the link stoney, just the ticket.

Welcome mate, it may also be worth checking the wiring to the sensor, there have been cases of damage occurring.
I'd aso try disconnecting the plug and giving it a blast of WD40 too in case water has entered the contacts then sealing with vaseline or grease.
That's a good idea stoney. I pray for dry weather this weekend to jack it up and see what's what.

I bet the ford service guy knew full well it was this and kindly suggested I get the cluster done knowing I'd have to get the speed sensor done too lol ... maybe I'm being too suspicious. Although after my previous car a vw golf, the main dealer duped me once and I've been a bit once bitten .... since.

At least the eBay part is not too bad cost wise compared to the ford one.

have a good evening chaps
had my speed sensor changed yesterday. Mechanic said always get the pin as they snap and they are a bugger, he has snapped a couple before due to some o rings that lock it in or something.

My cars fine now though, was the same symptons as yours :)
9 out of 10 times it's the sensor.
It can be a pig to change but worth it to get rid of that annoying drop of the needle and loss of power.
I just got my Focus 1.8 last week. It's done 108k but has FSH so I figured it should be reliable.

I've noticed the speedo drop three or four times since then. I guess I should check out the connections
to the VSS and try spraying with WD40 incase it's got a bit damp and then get it replaced if that doesn't
sort it out.
if its the cluster it would be speedo drops out battery light illuminates randomly etc if its the speedo its just the vss
Did it today. Was a got to get out, the pin was not the issue well for me a bit awkward but getting the sensor out was. Took a few goes. Only advice is get at it straight and do your best :)

One more job crossed off my list lol ok that was the only job on my list hehe

Thanks again for the great helpful advice thumbs up
So running properly now?
I bet you're relieved.
I am now sleeping better and not worrying about the car stopping dead lol.

I was going to just monitor it but I thought at the cost of the part on ebay plus what took just over an hour and the peace of mind it was worth doing.

That said the fault did not return but erroring on the side of caution for safety is always good I guess.

The part that requried most patience was that pin, I just took my time on it about 30 mins! roughly to get it off. The Sensor itself was a demon and was not a simple tug out, but too much force would snap it in place and that would be a whole new problem! I didn't wiggle it, I got at it very straight and kept at it till it came out.

Speed recordings seem to be accurate when compared on the sat nav taking in to account of the 3mph difference at 30mph.

My brother who axle stands I borrowed said it was a waste of time and money as it only did it once but I'm happy its done as no doubt it would have failed dead in winter lol! I've been there before with parts and doing any kind of work in winter is horrible if not impossible. If the parts doesn't shatter on removal your hands do lol.

Pat on my back quite chuffed I managed to do it :)
lol glad its sorted and saved you the cost of a cluster

it starts as just the once then starts getting gradually worse until it starts stalling everywhere so you did the right thing as they say prevention is better than cure
When mine packed up it was occasional then more often until it was all the time.
Driving around on reduced power is a nut ache beyond belief.
One thing positive though was I got very proficient at judging speed by gear and rev references :D
Could this also course the car to die, as ours cut out twice yesterday when my misses was out she said it just died and the speedo was at 0, once when she was driving and when she was at a junction.

Yes it can cause the car to cut out im afraid
I was out and the speedo went off and then just as I was coming to a stop the battery light came on and the died, I managed to get my phone out and record it. I was doing around 40mph but it doesn't sound like it on the film, please have a look.
First of all. Please don't use your phone while driving.
Secondly, your problem is the Speedo sensor. Guaranteed.
Check the cable to it first for damage and if that appears ok then buy a new one plus the fitting pin off eBay-

Next be prepared to wrestle out the old pin which usually snaps and then fight with the old sensor which even though it's a push fit.
Wiggling with mole grips usually works.
To clear things up I did say I got my phone out, I didn't say I filmed it the other half did. Thanks for the info and clearing it up are they hard to fit? Also where is it fitted/located.

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