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Full Version: Zetec S Estate, Tdci 163Ps Or Ecoboost 182?
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I'm looking at the new Focus Estate Zetec S

I've always been a driver of petrol cars, but fancied going to the dark side for a powerful diesel this time, however I now feel myself drawn back to the petrolhead side in the 1.6 Ecoboost.

This will be a new car, on a 3 year lease from work.

Difficult one because the monthly cost is almost identical
Diesel P11D value is more but I guess higher residuals offset that, and depreciation is all wrapped up in the lease. The diesel working out about 2 quid cheaper per month.
The BIK rates are very close. 139 g/km CO2 on the petrol = 18%, 129 on diesel = 19% (16 + 3%)

0-60 time is fairly close, but you can't judge with figures, it's more about how it feels. I've driven a Mondeo with the same engine and was quite impressed, but then the reviews are all very positive about the Ecoboost engine, and something that's revvable also appeals. Then again the diesel torque figure appeals as it's (slightly) more than that on my remapped Leon Cupra 1.8t. I basically want to have my cake and eat it. :)

Normal driving in the Leon I can use the torque of the remapped 20vt, which is in diesel territory but once in a while I can open the taps and am able to rev it too. I pay for that at the pumps of course, averaging 27.5 mpg normally and dropping to low 20s in town or being too enthusiastic, which is what prompted me to look at derv this time.

So for every day driving, the diesel sounds like it makes sense, but I don't do mega miles. About 50-50 motorway and town really.

There's a handling factor too, the extra 100 kilos up front is going to make itself felt. I really need to test drive both of course, but that's going to be tricky as the 182s aren't thick on the ground at dealers. Decisions, decisions... :unsure:
Loz Cheung
That's a pretty tough decision...but a good one to make! Both are good engines, it's not like you'll exactly lose out on either one, haha :)

I do miss the laid back nature of the diesels, and when it comes to load lugging with your estate it'll definitely make a case for itself then. Yes, diesel is more expensive but with costs I think "What Car?" have a petrol vs diesel spreadsheet that does all the maths for you that you can download.

I do find the ecoboost good-still not a match on your leon I suspect for performance figures! - mpg is about 39 after 5000 miles mainly on dual carriageway/country lanes... Would that be enough of an improvement over your leon to be classed as having both you cake an eating it? :P

I do agree on the handling front with diesels but I do miss doing 77 on the motorway ;) and still returning 45mpg!

Tough one!
Thanks. I just re-quoted on the lease car website and the 163 tdci has just gone down by a fiver a month, but the ecoboost has only gone down by about 60p! I've been umming and arring for a few months, and have noticed the quotes go down 2 or 3 times over that time. I'm guessing the list price doesn't fluctuate that frequently, but maybe the discounts the lease co. get do, and maybe they recalculate the projected residuals.

Anyway, it means the monthly cost all in, including fuel, based on 10k miles a year is now £21 more on the Ecoboost, making the diesel favourite again. :)

the pirennial choice - Its like 6 of one and half-a-dozen of the other! - i knew the diesel would win in the end (no bias- honest :lol: )  


diesel good choice

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