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Full Version: Noisy 2.0L Diesel
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I'm sure this has been aired before but I would just like opinions on my specific problem. My son has a '56' plate Mondeo estate with the 2.0 L TDCI 115ps engine. Ever since I've had it it it has been awfuly noisy on pick up from idle with a loud metallic rattle. Running at normal speed is perfectly quiet and significantly, it has done it for something like 40,000 miles now. Each time it has been into a garage for servicing or whatever, no mechanic has ever commented on it at all so I assumed it isn't too serious. I've read about the DMF issues but one mechanic did say when I asked that it was a pulley or something that comes loose. As I say it is really pronounced on pick up as if it were a loose exhaust for example but I'm sure it isn't. As it has run perfectly for so long I'm inclined to ignore it. Anyone any suggestions ?
Check the gasket between the catalytic converter header pipe and the engine header down pipe, they can become loose and cause that metallic rattling noise.
May be worth checking the engine mounts as well but only after you check that gasket.
Thanks, I'll get those checked out.
Well sounds like the common aux belt tensioner to me. Well know for going slack and causing alot of noise on mondeos would check this out 1st as more likely to be the problem. Cheers lee
got to agree with the aux tensioner. had the same prob with mine at 53000, and it sounded like a tractor at tickover. mech put new one on,[four handed job] and cured it instantly.

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