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Full Version: Xenon Parts Requirement
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As I have previously shown interested in getting xenon lights fitted in my car. Just a question of what I actually need as I am under the impression I need

1. Oem/facelift focus st headlamps (projector xenon compatible)
2. Xenon bulbs
3. Ballast to power bulbs
4. Leveling module
5. Leveling sensors
6. Headlamp washers
7. Control module for washers

Would I be correct in saying I need all the above items to convert from halogen bulbs to proper road legal xenon headlights ?
Yes I believe that's correct mate.

You may have trouble getting all the parts together though and it will be pricey.
Yeah I thought it would be hard and yeah cost is the only thing stopping Me
Dave the Dude
I see there are a number of different OEM Xenon/Bi Zenon and 'Angel eyes' styled units available from all sorts of countries but I wonder if anyone has fitted these and are happy with the results???

The legalities of washers and levelers do not apply in this country (Thailand) as there is no such thing as an MOT. A car with working lights is a rarety !!! LOL!

I would hate to pay out hard earned cash on some fancy looking peice of kit thats going to fall apart or fail so [b]Recomendations will be appreciated.[/b]
Wouldn't go near angel eyes. Heard nothing but bad things n how dull they are and how they barely even light up the road. And that in winter you will even want to remove them n refit your factory headlight units as that's how bad the angel eyes are.
Ok I shall note that AVOID angel eyes
There was a bit of a discussion on angel eyes here mate:

[url=""]http://www.fordowner...l__ angel eyes[/url]

If you read through the comments, fellow members who have fitted them in the past say how in winter they had to refit their factory lights.

This comment says it all really:

'And to be fair i thought they looked great, but didn't perform as well as the standard halogen headlights... I ended up re-fitting the standard headlights for winter use (the angel eyes headlights were useless in wet weather) and re-fitted the angel eye versions for spring/summer use. The fella that bought my car got the standard headlights in the boot as i warned him the "fancy" lights looked good, but didn't chuck out much light!

If you DO decide to buy the angel eye versions, i'd hold on to your originals for a while just in case....'

Other members compare the angel eyes to a candle in a jar.

Have a read if you got time.
Yeah Charlie see what you were saying and at the end of the day before I got my car all I wanted was xenon lights and heated seats my focus has a tonne of tech fitted inc the seats the only thing I don't have is the lights but I'm just debating if it's going to be worth the money and hassle to get them
i wouldn't mind some nice seats n at some point plan to fit recaro's

i ended up trumping for the ghia over the titanium as i liked the idea of having cruise control as standard n not having to retro fit. the deciding factor was the Missus putting her foot down saying i wasn't allowed leather seats as she didn't want 3rd degree burns off them in summer. so ghia it was. the sacrifice i made for having cruise control though, was being lumbered with the ugliest alloys of the range. i plan to upgrade em to the ST's n lower on eibachs when funds allow.

anyway sorry for going off topic, back to the xenons

i also wanted to fit the st lights as soon as i bought the car, but looking into it its silly money so i'm not sure if all the expense and hassle of sourcing the parts will be worth it in the end. also, my old girls closing in on 100k mileage. so i dunno how long i'll wanna hold onto it, if permanent work comes along i'll be saving up for a new car. so i dunno if it'll be worth going to the expense of fitting xenons, only to sell it on not long after.

so what i'm thinking at the moment, is my osram cool blue intense's are satisfactory enough for me at the moment n produce a nice clean white, n light up the unlit country roads far better than standard bulbs so they good enough for me.

so what i may do is just stick with these, n to improve the appearance of the front of my car almost as nice as st headlights, is to fit black headlight units instead to give a meaner sexier look over the stock chrome units.
I have access to eCAT and your list is not complete.

you have,

1. Oem/facelift focus st headlamps (projector xenon compatible)
2. Xenon bulbs
3. Ballast to power bulbs
4. Leveling module
5. Leveling sensors - front and rear
6. Headlamp washers

There is no control module for the washers.

Washer bottle is different on versions with headlamp washers, if i can remember there is also a 2nd washer pump motor for them.,, then you have the piping from the bottle to the headlamp washers on the front bumper.

there is also a different "jumper loom" which goes from the bottle to the top of the wing roughly... 3 versions available.

has washers, has low fluid sensor
no washers, has low fluid sensor
no washers, no low fluid sensor.. would need the first one, so you then need low fluid warning sensor.

also, if engine bay wiring loom is not the top level loom with all the wires for xenon/adaptive headlamps you need that loom.

on pre-facelift if i can remember titaniums and ghias usually (but possibly not all) had the top loom from factory..

facelift, they fitted the top loom to begin with for the first 3 months of production or so (usually), then cheapened up and started fitting cheaper looms which didnt have the xenon / adaptive headlamps wiring (unless required)... so if you dont have correct engine bay loom need to add that to the list, incorrect one doesnt have the all the wiring for jumper loom above.. it has wiring for the jumper loom with no headlamp washers and no low fluid sensor.. but no wiring for the jumper loom to connect into for low fluid sensor and headlamp washers.

then behind the dash, the loom there.. if car doesnt presently have adaptive headlamps, or xenon you will have a halogen headlamp loom which is different and separate to looms for xenon/adaptive headlamps... ford made 2 versions of each loom 1 for halogen and 1 for xenon / adaptive headlamps.

lol so when you look through the parts catalogue you see it listed like this,

With Climate Control - Halogen
With Climate Control - Xenon / Adaptive headlamps

Adaptive headlamps and xenon used same looms.

Difference is mainly xenon / adaptive loom has the wiring for the sensors and module which is located behind the drivers side door pillar kick panel.. whereas halogen wiring loom doesnt have any sensor wiring from the GEM module onwards or connector for module... so you need that wiring loom.

Xenons will work with a xenon wiring loom in engine bay, and halogen dash loom but I strongly recommend doing this as its kind of irresponsible, it self levels for a reason, it has headlamp washers for a reason.. and it is highly inconsiderate to oncoming drivers if you fit Xenons without a functioning levelling system or washers, because it can blind oncoming drivers due to it being brighter hence why it self levels so when you go over bumps the headlamps continue to point downwards and not upwards at oncoming drivers with the potential to cause an accident.

Then you need module and sensors as you already listed ... adaptive headlamp module and xenon modules are different despite using same wiring loom.. also the levelling sensor, 1 of them is different for adaptive and xenon.

Adaptive headlamp system was the one which turned the headlamps to follow the steering wheel so when you turn left the headlamps move left etc.

then you need the xenon / adaptive headlamps switch panel.

After it can pretty much all be configured and enabled using ElmConfig

need to enable a few options on the Hybrid instrument cluster, setup the module.. mostly calibrate it on a level surface,,, then setup a few options on the GEM module if I can remember correctly.. basically just to tell the system that it is running xenon and enable it all.
Ok so in English I shall understand is basically I don't have the compatible wiring in my car for the xenon lights I have a 10 plate titanium registered on 30 march so would there be a chance it had the wiring or not
i believe on the titanium the wiring is the same
So I have the cheap wiring which would need changing if I wanted the xenons installed properly ie working leveling lights and washers
btw Charlie the car is looking good had a wee look at your photos and defo looks the part
sorry mate i meant i believe the titanium wiring is the same as the ST, so you shouldn't need to need to change the wiring.

i'm sure other members with titaniums have started doing this mod n said the wiring was the same as it's a top spec. should also be the same case with my ghia if i remember correctly.

and cheers mate, my poor old girls slowly getting there
Ah ok even better hope it does will be stopping in past and demanding a straight answer from ford
On facelift titanium wiring is not same as ST

I have a titanium.

Can you let me know the wiring loom part number?

If you remove passenger headlamp it's underneath there on sticker ending in 2 letters.

I know ford started with full loom because the full loom part number is older than the cheaper wiring they was installing later on which didnt have everything.

But I can check your loom on ECat
They was the same on pre facelift but facelift it changed!

Just like pre facelift behind dash used to have ESP button wiring on titanium a but not any more.. And when I look through the parts catalogue the RS loom is even different to st loom.

Post your loom part number and I can check for definite.

But I know ford used a cheaper loom, in factory because my titanium has the cheaper loom and part number is newer than the full loom listed in ECat, also the cheaper loom is not available to purchase from the dealer they will sell you the full loom only.

So it was done purely for cost reasons, same with the gem modules.. Dealer replacement part only 2 available, keyless and normal one. So all the same.

But in factory on lower spec ones ford was using a cheaper gem which didnt support things like cruise control. Which people found out when the tried to fit cruise control and it wouldn't work because their gem didnt support it.

Also when you look up these bits in ford ECat it has on right hand side other part numbers, which is labelled as basically part numbers that ford used in factory (cheaper parts) which the part you wanna buy replaces... If that makes any sense lol
I was going by when Preee fitted an ESP button to his facelift titanium as the wiring was already there being a higher spec

Thought it should be the same case with the headlight wiring

Also, Haz93 has started doing this to his zetec s and said he didn't need any additional wiring

I may be wrong though
Hi Guys, Yeah the looms might have different names/part numbers but it doesn't mean they are that different.

as far as I know, the only reason the ST and Titanium engine bay wiring looms have different names is because of the 2.5 litre volvo engine requiring a different loom.

basically if you take out one of your headlights (dont even need to disconnect it ) and look at the actual connector, if all 10 pins have wires going to them, then you have the correct engine bay wiring for the Bi Xenon ST headlights.

Also there is a wiring junction near the bonnet stand shown here

If there are 4 ways to this junction then one of these is for the front levelling sensor behind the wheel arch protection shown here

My car is a 1.6 petrol Zetec S, so really only has the zetec spec with the extra body styling, but I can confirm that It has the [i]Internal [/i]and the [i]Engine Bay[/i] looms for the Bi Xenon headlights.

I've got the levelling control module from a braker on ebay and also the levelling sensors getting sent tomorrow, module was £20 the sensors still need to confirm a price. Headlights from ST could possibly be about £200 with all the parts ( mine had no bulbs or ballast, managed to get the osram ballasts but only cheap chinese bulbs which have just blown :( getting the osram ones soon ) and the ST washer bottle was £25 ebay and just need to get the bumper washers, hose and washer relay.

All in all can be done for around 300 - 400 quid. ford parts uk quoted me £1200 for most of the parts!!!!

And of course it requires activation via FF2 softare from Civil and Elm cable through Preee's guide
The engine loom has nothing to do with it.. Because that loom plugs into the fuse box and is separate.

But the titanium is not fitted with an st loom as of 2008.

Only reason RS and st have different part number for engine bay loom is because of the ESP button and pods.

Whereas normal focus doesn't use those so no wiring.

I have the parts catalogue in front of me.

I use the engineering part numbers not finis, because it tells you the revision information.

You shouldn't have dash wiring for xenon.. Ok I can be proved wrong but ford list 2 looms of each variant.. 1 for xenon and 1 for halogen, variants being if you have climate control or not, if you have econetic with start stop or not, if you have sat nav or not.. But for every variant there is halogen and xenon looms separate.

Ford don't do this unless they have to, because like engine bay wiring, the loom you get from dealer is a 1 loom fits all... Bar ST and RS.

Only reason they had others in factory was to further reduce their build costs... Cheaper looms save them money.
Did not mean to knock your knowledge mate, I too have the parts catalogue and can see the different names and revisions for the looms.

Just because it says Halogen doesn't necessarily mean the loom is different in real life on all cars and all varients, like you say they will try to save money with less wiring on the looms but something like the Xenon headlights were an option on pretty much every spec, so I'm not saying this defiantly, but they may have just taped up the connector on the non Xenon Loom's. Anyways thats just a theory.

So thats why I checked my car and found the Xenon control module connector actually taped up with foam tape. To Find this you will need to lye down with your head pushing the accelerator into the carpet ( make sure the car is off first ) and shine a torch up towards the A pillar and you will see a wiring loom for the pedals, off this there may be a Taped up connector which is for the Xenon control module

All I was saying if you follow the steps above you will be able to find out if your vehicle will be compatible for the Bi Xenon headlights.
Ok so I need to look at the wire in my lights if there are 10 wires there and a plug thingy beside my water bottle beside the bonnet holderopener thingy and a box under my football above my head then my car is xenon compatible
Haz how are u getting the washers to work as ur bumper doesn't have the holes for it
Have u got a picture of the control module so I know what I'm looking for ?
sorry the control module you will need to source, what you are looking for up in the footwell is a socket to plug the box into.

An easier way to find out if you have it would be to remove the A pillar plastic trim, which leaves a gap for you to look down behind the air blower (drivers side) and you should either see not alot or a grey coloured foam tape covering an electrical socket. I will post some pics tomorrow

Also if you look on the inside of the bumpers, the holes are already marked out, just like the rear parking sensors are in the back bumper
[quote name='Haz93' timestamp='1350334590' post='211721']
what you are looking for up in the footwell is a socket to plug the box into.

An easier way to find out if you have it would be to remove the A pillar plastic trim, which leaves a gap for you to look down behind the air blower (drivers side) and you should either see not alot or a grey coloured foam tape covering an electrical socket. I will post some pics tomorrow

would this be on my mk2 ghia too?
To be fair mate, from what was said above it seems ford have a mind of their own when it comes to the different wiring looms so all I would say is check it out. If you have the wire in the engine bay for the front levelling sensor it would be silly if you didn't have this connector. All depends on what Ford decided to do.

I will try and get some pics tomorrow to help you all find the right bits :)
Ok cheers in advance haz and found the four way connector beside the bonnet holder
Wire beside water bottle is pic 1 pic 2 is the wire to drivers light it has 10 wires going in
Erm this is under the light behind the arch bit beside my water bottle and think this is the wiring loom code rb2004
Erm this is under the light behind the arch bit beside my water bottle and think this is the wiring loom code rb2004
Yeah that's the socket for the washer bottle. If that has about 4 or more wires going to it then it should work with the ST front bumper washers too.

Looks like your wiring is the same as mine then :)
I'll have to check this tomorrow
Ok so all I would need to do is source parts and wire it all up

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