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Full Version: Strange Uneven Tyre Wear - Help Needed
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J Walker
I've had tyre wear before, due to suspension problems etc. Looking at the picture, can you tell me what's caused this type of wear,

Thanks in Advance,


the obvious answer may be that your tracking is out
Tracking and camber.
Wrong and wrong, tracking and camber will where the tyre evenly all they way round one edge. Quick question did this tyre come from the rear? If it did the you have what is called heel and toe wear, it's common for the rear inner edge to wear this way on front wheel drive vehicles. There's no none cure but buying a tyre that's not blocky will reduce this effect and swapping the rears to the front after they have done about 2-3k will help but once swapped dont swap back as this wear will cause vibration on the front and if severely worn will imitate a worn wheel bearing sound.
If it's the front tyres then it is most probably the tracking.

This coming from experience from when I first bought my car. Both front tyres had similar wear.

Had the tracking looked at and it was way out. Quick 20quid fix to sort the tracking out, 2 new tyres n it's been fine since.

Common cause can be kerbing it. Which ties in with the bit of kerb damage to me alloys. Typical really, 2 previous lady owners...
Is it like that all the way round the tyre?

I'd get the tracking checked before anything.
ive had tracking out before, and has being bald alway around the tyre, tbh ive never seen anything like like that before, its like buldges on the tread. Try your suspension shocks etc.... id say wrong allignment, but im no tyre expert....

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