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Full Version: Dashboard Lighting
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Does everyone's dashboard light stay on all night? Mine is glowing all night telling the world my mileage and is there a way to turn it off that anyone's found?
Pretty sure mine turns itself off. When you lock the car and the courtesy light turns off.
it monitors the engine whilst the car is off it will stay on anywhere from 10 mins to 45 minutes depending if you just went out to the car and opened the door then lock the car it will take 45 mins or so as it thinks you are going to use the car within that time when you dont it shuts off so open the door then lock the car and check in 1 hour if its still on you have a faulty timing module and need to take it to ford who will try updating it
Ok thanks, ill monitor it then I only got the car yesterday and noticed last night as I kept going back and forth and the light was still on when I did, looked through the manual and couldn't see anything regards to setting so I thought I'm best asking the experts haha
its all to do with engine monitoring as to how long it stays on for after a drive if you got out double locked the car and walked away its usually ten to fifteen minutes unless its a very hot day in which case the ecu monitors the head temperature so if the heat bulid up is too much it automatically starts the engine fan when you just open doors etc the car ecu assumes you will be getting back in at some point so keeps activated after a preset time limit is shuts down the more you open and close and lock doors the longer it takes as it basically resets each time
Think you're right artscot.

Pretty much everything seems to stay on on the same basis... I fitted DRLs to a fuse in the fusebox and sometimes, after a long run, they also stay on for 10-15 minutes. Think the ECU keeps everything on until the engine has cooled to a respectable level. Then my lights, and all other "ignition lives" go out, including the dash.
from what ford told me its all linked to the ecu and remains active while it monitors various temperature sensors in the engine bay which is why the radio goes off pretty quickly it also winds down arming the immobiliser and keeping the memory alive should you get back in after a trip all normal its only abnormal if it stays lit for 1 hour or more and theres a cluster issue where some stay lit permenantly which can be fixed with a software update from ford

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