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as above so would like to say hi first

so we just picked up a 2004 diesel with 70k on the clocks garage we got it from give a years warrnty covering every thing witch is good if they pay out when needed.

first problem i find is it smokes a bit when you first start it in the morning i fined this strange as its had a new turbo on it in the last mounth so is there any thing i can look at to stop it i no all diesels smoke to a point as i have a tdi a4 but that runs clean evan cold i see on this focus the rear box on the exsuast has had oil all over it im thinking when the turbo whent it probly dumped it there would this be it there is no back box as such as where the pip starts at the back of the car its all pip till near the center of the car not sure it this is right as it has a none standerd chrome tip.

next is the drivers door locks but does not open boot and pasengers door work fine any ideas


Regarding the smoking on first start up,,, mine did this from the day I bought it, and I just put it down to it being a diesel. The smoke was a blue/gray colour. Eventually I had the engine light come on for what I thought was an unrelated problem, it was showing glow plugs. I replaced these and it solved the engine light problem AND it hasn't smoked on start up ever since. So this might be a good place to start, as the parts are relatively cheap. Hope you get it sorted, regards, Mike.
Welcome to the forum Simon. it maybe left over residue that is being burnt off? As Mike says, try the glowplugs to see if it makes a difference?
Welcome, as everyone else is saying prob just excess oil burning off, mine does the same mind on cold mornings!
thanks guys im sure they was changed in the sevise book it say they changed the spark plugs 2008 and 2011 but im guessing they mean glowplugs as the book does not have them listed to tick off will give it time to see how it goes was hoping it was a case of it having old oil in the exhaust that it needed to burn off after the turbo poped. have aslo put some millers diesel treatment in it so will give it 200miles to work its wounder and see if it helps as its really good stuff.

any one no about the door problem ?
You didn't describe the door problem very well, I'm struggling to understand what your actual problem is ??? Members will need as much info as possible to try and assist you :-)
ok well when i push the key fob to lock the doors both doors lock when i push it to open them just the passenger one unlocks and i have to use the key to unlock it

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