hi evryone im new to the group but wondering if any one can help me with this

i have a 1997 (P) 1.6 LX auto and the gearbox behaves rather strange it will drive for about 3 miles then give up alltogether and makes a dreadfull noise so i think its safe to say its at the end of its time.

what i want to do is convert it to a 5 speed manual im pretty good doing stuff like this but i need to know a few things first so here goes.

1) what parts do i need? besides gearbox, clutch kit and flywheel
2) what type of 5 speed box will i need?
3) is the hole in the centre console easy to adapt to a manual stick?
4) once ive fitted everything is there any electrical issues like ecu or anything? or does any wires need joining etc..
5) will my existing automatic driveshafts still fit the manual box?

your help is very much appreciated and as much info as possible

thanks again guys