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Full Version: Wax Of Choice For White Car Owners?
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[color=#282828][font=sans-serif]A question for detailing enthusiasts.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=sans-serif]I'm trying to choose a wax to buy for my white Fiesta. Can anyone recommend a wax that is suited for white paint that will give the car that ultra reflective water beading effect? I've head great reviews of both Finish Kare 1000p (£18) and Autoglym High Definition wax (£45). On price and reviews I'm more inclined to go for Finish Kare but was wondering if anyone has tried both?[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=sans-serif]I've recently clayed the car and polished using Autoglym Super Resin Polish and have a layer of Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection on top.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=sans-serif]Also is there any benefit of using Extra Gloss Protection either before or after applying the above waxes?[/font][/color]

I did my car today with Collinite 845 for the first time, ready for winter. I gave it a going over with the clay bar, some SRP, then finished off with 845. 845 is miles better the the Poorboys Nattys Blue that I used to use. I tested it afterwards with a jug of water and it just sheeted off.

Collinite is one of the best in the business. Check reviews. You cannot go wrong for the money and the durability of the stuff.

Best of all, on eBay, you can get some 845 for around £15 delivered with a microfibre towel and an application sponge.

Mark M.K
It really depends on your budget. You got Dodo Juice at £5.95 (30ml) all the way upto Swissvax at £200+ It just depends what your more happy with.You may want to take a look at Detailing world. It is a great website for many detailing releated questions.
Do you have any experience with the two products I have mentioned?
I haven't, no. But I've heard good thing about FKP1000. It's on the same level of Collinite's.
Mark M.K
HD wax is a nice product to use, it's got many happy reviews. Just don't pay £45 for it. You can easily get it for around £30 online.

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