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Full Version: Third Times A Charm
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I have just purchased a tidy 1999 X plate focus there are a few bits and bobs needing done but the main is the central locking.
I can lock my two front doors with fob, unlock only the drivers with the fob and open the passengers door with the key (won't open from inside.)
The two back only work manually. Boot is fine
I took the door card off the passenger door had a look stuck it back on and it worked properly for three times and went again.
Maybe I have a broken door catch/cable. But why would the rear doors not work?
Any help would be much appreciated :-D
Apart from spray wd40 on it which is the only suggestion I've had so far
Ok so now the drivers door won't lock through the key or fob it just re opens constantly, I can however lock it through the passengers door both inside and with the key.
The back doors are still dead
Central locking control module replacement you can find then on eBay but check for the correct part number or it won't work, not sure where the module is located on the focus it was under the steering column in the 2000 Mondeo
Thank you
Will have a go at that
The module is behind the driver side footwell panel under the fuel pump reset switch.

I read there was a way to reset the module turning the key in the door until it chimes then opening doors, any ideas if that would do it? I can't Seem to find the page that told me how to do that. It was raining when I found it and said oh I'll do that when the rain goes off. Whoops lost the page lol
Maybe you're referring to the module test mode?
You need to follow this to activate the mode-


Ok so I did the door test, drivers
And passengers are "working" and the
Rear are none responsive. Gonna try the local
Breakers for a new Central locking module
Will I have to re programme it to the car?
Know how to program a key fob by turning the
Key in the ignition barrel.
Noticed if I unplug the passengers door the
Drivers door will lock and unlock without a problem
Where as when it's still connected I can only lock
The drivers door if the passengers door is already
Locked. Could that mean the door has a problem so
It tells the module to open the doors when locked using central
Give a spare locking module a go first, if that doesn't solve it I reckon you may have wet or corroded door lock motors.
Water can get into them through perished window ledge seals and cause all manner of problems.
Not 100% sure if you'll need to reprogramme the module but most likely, as you know the routine anyway it's the work of seconds to do.
Okay, we'll next wage I'll go get a locking module
Just changed career so things are a little tight.
Bough my wee car on gumtree. Needs some jobs
done but the central locking is the main one!
Thank you for your help I'll let you know how I get on
So it took a week or two longer to get a central locking module, fitted it yesterday. Came with a fob already programmed but programmed my own aswell, the two front doors work perfectly (I think) pres unlock once and the drivers door opens, press it twice the passengers opens. The back doors still don't work. Got it out a 4 door so not asif I'm trying a two door one. Boot works off fob too. The back doors are connected into the plugs on the pilars, is there another plug inside the door it may have been unplugged from? The door cards look although they have been off at some point.

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