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Full Version: Strange Click (Wiper Travel)
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When I put the wiper blades on, on the travel left across the windscreen towards the normal position there is a clicking just before they hit the bottom. It would seem that the click is coming from the passenger side dash area.

It's rather annoying :( does everyones Mk2.5 do this or just mine? Any fixes for this folks?
It's the wiper relay on the internal fuse board.
It happens on all cars with internal relays.
Ah I see, thanks mate.

Any way to stop it?
Don't use your wipers? :D
Sorry, the clicking is the relay working, if it didn't click i'd be worrying.
cant say its that noticeable really you must have hearing like a bat mate :D
I normally hear every litlte noise in the car! Hopefully i wont start hearing that one!
It is rather annoying :(
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]No wiper noise on my Mk 2.5.[/font][/size][/color]
You can hear the relay, but it's hardly noticeable. You forget about it after a minute or so when the radio's on!
Gary Minty Jupe
I noticed this at the weekend when i was trying out a dsah cam app on my phone with no radio on

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