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Full Version: ! Guide ! - Fitting Cruise Control Aftermarket
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Here it is the first part of the guide; I still miss the activation of the CC via Ford ETIS and IDS; I'll do that in the next days.
At the moment I've got only a few general info about the procedure and they are at the end of the post; if somebody has more detailed info (the software to use, menus to select, etc. i.e. all the necessary steps) please update this topic.

First of all I Unplugged the battery and keep it unplugged for 15-20 minutes.

I removed the steering column top cover, by removing two screws.
[url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]

After that I removed the bottom cover; it's just one screw.

Once removed the covers, if you look behind the steering wheel, you'll see two holes (rotate the wheel if you don't see them).

Inside those holes you can see a metallic pin; that one is the clip that keeps the airbag in its position.

I put a screwdriver (flat tip) and used it as a lever, pushing the pin towards the center of the steering wheel; don't be afraid if the airbag doesn't come out, because you need to pull strong.
You'll hear a "click", and that is the pin that has dropped the hook. Drop the pin also on the other side.

Now you can pull out the airbag; pull a bit on the left and a bit on the right... pull over and over, and the airbag will come out.

Actually you need to pull quite firmly, because there are 3 big pivots; here follows the picture.

You don't need to disconnect the airbag; it's enough to unplug the two "fastons" and the "eyelet" highlited in this picture:

Unplug the white plug and the black one on the left, behind the radio controls; it's a plug like the ones that once were used for connecting audio for CD-Roms.

To remove the silver trim there are three screws behind the steering wheel; two are behind the cruise and stereo buttons; the other one is in the center of the "V", at the bottom of the trim.
Install the new trim and the new wiring; remember the eyelet and the two fastons.
The new wiring has two "CD-Rom" plugs; one is for the stereo buttons (the one with the shortest wire) and one is for the CC buttons (the one with the longest wire).

In the following pics I'll highlight the 2 fastons and the path that has to be followed by the wires.
There is a kind of "slot" in the plastic; push strongly the wires inside that, but don't use a screwdriver, because you could easily cut the wires.

Now you need IDS and ETIS access.
With Ford ETIS you need to download the ASBUILT file by using the VIN number; save the file somwehere and open it with NOTEPAD or other plain text editor (don't use Word or similar).
There is a tag <CCC_DATA>; inside this tag find the char #50; that should be 1; replace with 2 and save the file.
The sequence should be [b]010101[/b] and it need to be replaced with [b]010201[/b].

Now by using IDS you need to upload the file to the car.
Please note that the computer must be disconnected from Internet; otherwise no "open file..." window will appear, and the XML will be downloaded from ETIS.
After uploading the file, the diagnostics should show a lots of errors, because CC is enabled but its indicator isn't enabled.
Enter the IDS configuration panel, and look for the menus where you can dis/enable the car's parameters; there you'll see something that says that the car is equipped with CC.
Look for the item "speed indicator" (or similar), and enable it by the drop down menu.
Save the configuration and try the diagnostic; everything should be ok.
Exit from the software normally (still disconnected from the internet).

Hello. Does anyone know if this can work on new mk7.5? Thanks


gekanukr, there's no need to write both here and on private messages. Once is enough :-)

Anyway, as you might have noticed that is only my experience, and there's no guarantee that this procedure works on 100% of the cars, but most probably it will do (even on MK7.5, because it's just a restyling).

In other words: YMMV.


You just have to try by yourself and let us know.

Please kindly show me the picture VCM cable and IDS software you use this.

Thank you.
Unfortunately you'll find those devices only in Ford Official garages. I can't be of any help.
Thank you Paolo.

Are you seriously saying, that if I buy a steering wheel with CC buttons and install it by your instructions, I will have a fully functional cruise control in my car without any other gadgets or additional devices? I am having a hard time believing it would be that simple. If you are serious, then this is a must have upgrade, and I must buy the parts and try it myself.

If you own an MK7 Fiesta, following those instructions should be enough.

This is what I have done, and now I have a Cruise Control fully working. Original equipment...
But remember that you also need to modify the asbuilt file with IDS from a Ford partner.

Are you seriously saying, that if I buy a steering wheel with CC buttons and install it by your instructions, I will have a fully functional cruise control in my car without any other gadgets or additional devices? I am having a hard time believing it would be that simple. If you are serious, then this is a must have upgrade, and I must buy the parts and try it myself.

If you have the steering wheel along with the wiring and sensors under the pedals then yes you just need the cable and software to turn it on and the wheel with buttons to activate it all.

It really can be that simple.

So anyone else who tried this mod and can confirm this is working? 

Ive got a mk7 2012 Tdci( diesel). :) 


Tested on many cars here in Italy and did not find any failing.


Luckily i dont live in italy. ;) sweden.

I bought a mk7 titanium and i think i got the wiring. Just ordered the wheel with the cruise control. ;)
I hope Ford partners in Sweden are better than ours... here it's a nightmare to ask them something that it's out of the standards.

Im curious about getting an Ecu from the one i bought the steering wheel from? It should possibly work? Its the same engine at least. 

I think you'll get into big troubles...
Big trouble, the ECU isn't like swapping a wheel, it's coded to the car and would need to be the right part number and it would also need to be coded to the other cars modules

Sound like a bad idea then. ;) 

Haha atleast i have some more buttons on my steering wheel if it dont works. 

You're best bet is to check and install the wiring then get access to ford software / clones and get that on your car enable cruise everywhere


Ive been serching alot and i havent found any intel about clones on ford IDS. 

You'll find clones on sites like aliexpress
You can get them for about 350 pounds, and there's a few guys on here who have it and it works a treat for what they need
AFAIK you can find a clone for something like 160 USD... much lower than 350 pounds [emoji1]
It really does depend on what your getting for your money I would be interested to see how well an investment of that price Is concerned!
It depends on what you need to do... if you just need to modify asbuilt file, I think that will work... and if it does not, just return it and claim you money back.

Lol. Ill try to figure it out. 

But can i upload the asbuilt file to the car with it? 


Try with a Ford garage.
Anyway the clone should work.

Yeah. Next week. My steering wheel arrives tomorrow. 

Thinking about letting bsr trim it. 307 nm would be nice. More than an st...  :D

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