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Full Version: Turbo Seems Not To Be Working
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I am having a problem with my Ford Focus. It's the Mk2 1.6 TDCI.

The turbo doesn't seem to be working when I accelerate. It has done 100k miles and I get it serviced without fail every 6k miles by a garage. The turbo was replaced at 88k miles, so I can't see why it would go after around 12k miles.

Could it be dirty diesel that could be causing the problem?

Thanks in advance
Can you give a bit more info explaining "doesn't seem to be working". Can you hear anything, turbo whine, whooshing, a sack of spanners being rattled?

Why was the turbo replaced? Was the replacement new or refurbed?

Do you get upto cruising speed, all be it a bit slower than normal? What is normal cruising speed? Has this occurred since the foggy weather?
The turbo was replaced because it stopped working. It sounded like someone was shaking a bag of spanners when that happened. It was a new turbo that was put in.

I can get up to cruising speed, which is around 55-60 MPH, but to get there and to overtake it has been a lot slower. I now have to put my foot right to the floor in order to accelerate to overtake etc.

It has occurred in the last two days when the weather here has become damp and foggy, but it is not cold.
Check the vacuum pipe if it hasn't been tightened properly the turbo won't work properly this happened with my car 2 minute fix for ford but be careful as if this is the case the it should be cleaned out so the intake to the turbo stays clean and doesn't cause serious damage

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