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Full Version: Interior Light Query
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I want to change the bulb in my courtesy light but don't know how to get at it.
My owners manual talks about removing screws, but I can't find any.
All I can see are slots on two corners that look as if maybe they need a key similar to the radio.
Any help appreciated
if i remember correctly you just need to insert a flat bladed screwdriver at the edge of the light nearest the windscreen and pop it out at the front then unhinge from the two slots at the rear. I could be wrong but im sure someone who has done it more recently will be along to correct me if im wrong!
should just pop out with a small srewdrive in the slots
Thanks, will try that. I wonder why Ford do not bother to give a clue in the manual, although that is only one of the things they don't mention - like how to remove the rear fog light assembly
Courtesy light comes out with a screwdriver pushed between the light and housing on the edge closest to the windscreen.
The lens then unclips by hand from the light body.
The foglight has catches behind the bumper, stick your hand in behind and you'll find it easily.
Put your hand in front of the lens though as the light will literally drop out of the housing.
Thanks Stoney, it's still a shame that I have to come to a helpful forum such as this to get such information
the manual is a bit vague on certain areas admittedly theres a spring clip in the light so just watch as you lower it do it slowly as it tends to either drop or ping up into the roof lining if it comes out which it usually does then the flat end goes into a little groove on the windscreen side of the light this part is the last part to be pushed into place

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