Hi folks..

I've bought a 2006 1.8TDCi focus over a month ago and all seemed to be going well. i seemed to be getting in around 45MPG until today. I noticed that the gauge seemed to be rather low for mileage done and upon investigation, I can hear a noise when the turbo kicks it. I can't quite work out if it sounds like a sucking noise or the sound a rumbling bearing makes but all I know is, my fuel economy has gone to pot. I reckon it has dropped 10 mpg.

Anyone shed any light on it. I'm going to get my cousin who is a mechanic to look at it. I hope the dealer I bought it off hasn't hoodwinked me. Got it for 3.5k. He was looking 3.9k ono.

I can't see anything obvious but will have a look at pipework going to turbo to see if there is any cracks.