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Full Version: Forza Horizon
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My god, what a game.

For those who don't have it, get it :)

This is what I've been doing this evening, throwing my new Focus ST around :)

hey mate. is it only for xbox? always wanted to have a go on this game but i own a ps3 :)
Think it's only Xbox 360.
dam :\
Yep. Been thinking of getting an EggBox but not sure. It would probably be just for Forza. The only game I play on the PS3 is GT5 really; just don't get the time.
Can aybody explain the what Forza Horizon actually is? Is it just driving on the worlds best public roads and not racetracks? I've played Gran Turismo 5 and was massivly disappointed, Forza is better as a game in my opinion!
Got it and thought it was bad.

Went straight back to GT5.

Online on GT5 is where its at.
I dont have any consoles, but if I could get it for PC or Nexus (if only...) I would give it a go!

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