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Full Version: Possible Head Gasket Gone
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Hi All

I been noticing some problem with the car over the last 2 weeks

when i got the car i changed the cat due to is not revving above 4k and it was blocking the exhaust
and i also done an oil and filter change and a full coolant flush

over the last week it has used all of the oil (no level on the dip stick) i had to fill it back up 3.5 litres

and my coolant was a nice blue color and it is now starting the change dark and it has lost a small about of its level

when running the car there is no performance issues or puffs of smoke
the car start from cold and hot fine with no smoke on tick over

personally i am think my head gasket is going and i might have to get my spanners out what do people think
Get a sniff test done on the coolant.
That should tell you if the gasket is blown.
TBH it does sound pretty likely.
failed emission tests by miles produces more gases then a chevvy v8 according to the mot guy WOOPS

i have just started to strip it down and i have found something disturbing

im glad i am doing cambelt kit as well Ignore the shouting the mrs was calling me
head is now off and sat in the house ready for cleaning and skiming
here is another update i think there has been some over heating issues in the past
cylinder 4
cylinder 3
cylinder 2
cylinder 1
All cylinders
Close up
That head was well cooked.
Looking much better now.
Nice work. Good job your handy with a set of spanners. Not sure my missus would be so easy going with half an engine in the house though.
nah my mrs has not stopped swearing at me yet lmao and yes the head is cooked i have started the clean up the under side before i get it skimmed cylinder four seems to be where the head gasket had failed there is alot of carbon left and it is very wet

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