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Full Version: Bought My Mk2 1.6 Zetec....
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I picked it up on Friday.

A 1.6 Zetec, 55 plate in dark blue, 50k, FSH, 1 year MOT and 6 months tax. Its the 100bhp.

So far so good, me and the wife really like the car. Inside its in superb nick with only a minor mark on the centre console to report.

We have a month parts and labour warranty and the only problem we have found is that the CD player wont accept a CD. It takes it so far but it doesnt load correctly. Eventually it says "CD Error". The garage are going to take it out and have a look, if its not repairable they are going to replace it.

I expected it to be a bit underpowered after what people have said about the 1.6 100bhp engine. I am pleasantly suprised though. In 2nd and 4th gear it pulls well and i had a 1.8 Astra Coupe before this too.

I need to give it a good polish/wax and, even though its in near perfect condition inside, a good clean inside because im a perfectionist :D

Ill post pics when i take some after ive given it my "personal" valet :D

Ive got a few questions if some of you would be so kind to answer.

Ive read of a 12V port in the back of the car and maybe the boot but i cant find either? Were only certain models fitted with these?

Also are mudflaps easy to fit? Ive seen official Ford ones on ebay but they are bloody expensive! Has anyone bought these?

+1 for the mudflaps question - I want know know the same.
I'm unsure if mudflaps are a bit lame or not, advice will be taken haha.
The extra 12v socket in the boot was generally an estate fixture but the wire will still be there so fitting one yourself is not a major task.
There is a guide on the forum on how to do it and the bits needed.
mudflaps are a must on this car or youll find after the winter theres no paint left on the sill ford ones are easy to fit if a tad fiddly on the rear i have them for both my old mk1 and mk2 and wouldnt be without
Thanks for the replies. Does the ebay link i gave look worth the money? Are they almost identical to the official Ford ones based on the pictures?
Those mudflaps look a bargain price, very interested in a set myself.
you need these ones linked below those ones you linked to are rubbish the proper ford ones use original mounting points those ones require drilling into the arch and screwing them on the ford ones come with bolts on the bottom also that fit into the sill i gaurantee you those cheap ones are not worth the money and wont fit properly
+1 Artscot , Fit the proper Ford mud flaps , save a lot of cleaning as in summer stops the road tar and in winter helps stop stones and salt attacking the paint work.
I'm gonna have to fit aftermarket mud flaps as the ford ones won't fit due to my rear bumper.
I've lost my two front ones recently...caught the passenger side when gingerly reversing up a kerb and it popped off, and took my driver side one off when I pulled out to pass someone and hit a puddle on the right hand verge. Have both of them at home though and can only agree with the above. I've now seen the difference first hand between having them fitted and not, and I wouldn't be without them. The only thing stopping me from putting them back on is that I'm (still!) hoping to get my ST skirts and bumper on in the immediate future, so the rears will be coming off too.

Charlie, you sold your set yeah? I'll probably put mine up for sale once the rears come off. They're not in perfect condition but still do their intended job 100% obviously. Have you looked into any yet that fit the ST bumper? I've noticed these in the past, anyone any experience with fitment or quality?....actually had a quick look on ebay and can't find the ones I was referring to. Might have an old listing in my watched items so will take a look later to see if I can provide a link. They were just black with the blue Ford logo on them if anyone knows them.

Back to the original question about the rear 12V for the OP...see the link below for the guide. Great little mod, as long as the plug is there, ain't that right Charlie?! All you need is a 12V socket, a bit of wire and ring terminal but all info is in the guide anyway.

Yes mate mine sold on ebay for 25quid I think plus about 8quid postage last week.

I think I've got some in my ebay watch list that should fit. I'll look later. I believe though that they are the same ones Lenny has fitted and he's also linked them in one of his threads.

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