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Hi All,

Just joined, as I've been past a few times and never registered :ph34r: (thought it was about time,as I've found tech help here a few times now - thanks to all for the help btw :D ).

I've a Transit T350 LWB high top with the 125BHP turbo diesel duratorq in it - which is working perfectly now thanks to the aforementioned help. Quite a machine, even tho a little long in the tooth now (it's an 03 plate, but seems to be holding up better than other transits I've had - especially the bodywork. Goes like a greased weasel when you give it a bit of lead footwear, and feels like it would pull a house over if you tied it to one ;) . Have filled it to the gunnels, and strapped a 1.5T genny to the back - barely slowed it at all B) ).

Think this place needs a Transit specific forum tho - Ford had sold more of them than any other model last time I looked, and they are (IMO) the company's best piece of engineering :P .
[color="#0000FF"][size="5"][font="Times New Roman"]Hi welcome[/font][/size][/color] :)
Hi Newbie,

"Ford had sold more of them (Transits) than any other model last time I looked, and they are (IMO) the company's best piece of engineering"

That's fighting talk! ;) Check out to see Ford's best piece of engineering anywhere, ever (IMO)! Their P71 'Police Interceptor' has earned NHTSA’s highest crash test safety rating – 5 Stars – for the driver and front passenger for 16 years in a row (1996–2011), and is the [b]only [/b]car which takes a 75mph rear-impact hit without the fuel tank going up in flames! Reinforced at the front for PIT manoeuvres, and sitting on a F-150 chassis, with heavy duty everything, it's [b]so[/b] macho that it is only sold to law-enforcement Agencies in North America. 2 tons in weight, it has an uprated (but very quiet) Mustang 4.6L under the hood with 0-60mph of 8.4 seconds, and goes on to 140mph+. It has been so far ahead of anything else on the market over there or here that it has accounted for 85% of sales of cop cars, and over 19 million have been manufactured!

Can anyone else suggest a Ford that comes close?! :ph34r:

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