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Full Version: Upgrading Car Stereo
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Starting my own facelift for the focus and cheaper things first im thinking of getting a Pioneer AVH-1400DVD AV Player with 5.8-inch Touch Screen, iPod/iPhone Control but before buying has anyone got one of these or could point me in the direction of a similar one :) thanks
How much are you lookin at payin for the pioneer i have the zenec unit in mine well worth the money not sure if its a similar price as the pioneer or dearer but an alternative option
The one listed is £230 ish from halfords like but how does yours look because the 6000cd one as standard looks to be completely different in shape to the pioneer one ?
Can kind of answer this question, my Missus has actually just ordered me a pioneer avh 1400 dvd. Its just a base model as in no satnav and no bluetooth. But I don't require bluetooth and I use a tomtom, so as much as I'd like a built in satnav, I can't justify the big hike in price at the moment.

I've been looking at zenecs for a while and they the best things going but your looking at around a grand new. The pioneer suits all my needs so it's what I've gone for. Also, if you require bluetooth, you can pay bout 50quid extra and get the bluetooth version of the exact same unit which is the pioneer avh 2400bt.

Also, don't by from halfords. Amazon are selling them at the moment, brand new, from amazon itself for just under 200quid. This is where my Missus has ordered mine from.

Beware though, the 200quid price is very good for what it is, but you also require a 70quid fitting kit to actually make it work in your car.
I was only gunna go to halfords because im not that confident of fitting myself but im swaying more to the 2400 because of the buikt in bluetooth have you fitted ur own ?
Ah go to halfords if your not comfortable fitting but it'll be a fair bit more.

I think on halfords the bluetooth version is around the 300quid mark, plus 30quid fitting, plus however much they charge for the fitting kit.

I haven't fitted mine yet no, as it's currently in the post and I'm not allowed it till the 25th november anyway as that's when my birthday is.

I will be fitting it myself though and taking plenty of photos and writing up a guide when it comes to it and I'll also be wiring in a reverse park camera.

There are a few members that have fitted their own aftermarket head units though.

See this members thread here:
Yer think mayswell get the bluetooth one like so gunna go to halfords see how much in total its gunna be like
This is what the fitting kit would look like that you would need:

Looking at halfords, for the bluetooth version, halfords are actually doing quite a good deal on it at the moment and it's only about 5quid more compared to amazon.

So if you want it fitted, halfords is definitely your best option.

Including fitting and additional adapters required, I reckon your looking at around 350quid for the bluetooth version which is still a good price.
Yer im gunna pop down there tomoz and get it priced like but its a good piece of kit for the price i think especially for the bluetooth aswell ud think ford would just have it as standard like but cheers for the links mate :)
Just been to halfords as was passing and got quoted 120 for the parts before the 30 fitting charge and 230/250 for the stereo
halfords is fitting it............... :D prepare for a tool bag with a hammer and screwdriver lol
Haha id do it myself but not that confident of fitting the cage or connecting the wires properly
Bloody hell mate now that's why they called halfrauds..

Ain't you got a mate that could help with the fitting or something?

Talking 400quid all together, about a 100 more than my missus is paying.

And as it happens, we just realized it had been delivered today. But for some reason her sister or whoever took the delivery, decided to hide it under the dining room table n not bother telling us it was here <_<

Anyway here's whats in the box:

As well as many instruction manuals

But this is as close as I'm getting to it for now til the end of next month.
haha cheers mate tbh its if i can get that fitting kit that you posted earlier the fella in halfords daid as long as i buy the stereo from them they will still fit it all so that should save me £40/50 or just get them all cheap and have a go meself :S
If you look on the wiring loom photo I just posted, you'll see that there a few wires not wired to anything. This is because every make of car has different wiring, so they can't supply you with a car specific loom in the box.

So the idea is you have to cut away at your existing loom, and transplant this loom onto it if you get what I mean. You need to do this if you actually wanna get any sound out of it lol.

But then you don't want to pee about transplanting the basic loom it comes with, you can buy a pioneer to ford specific loom so it will be plug and play without rewiring anything.

Also, you need a stalk adaptor if you want the stereo to work with your steering wheel controls.

Then you also need an aerial adaptor if you want the radio to work on it.

Again these adaptors are different for every make of car that's why it don't come in the box.

You may also need a different cage, and you will need a fascia adaptor.

All this will come in the fitting kit that I linked and are what halfords will charge an extra 120quid for.

If you contact the seller I linked and tell them your car details, they will confirm it's the right kit and like you said, if you wanna save about 50quid you can by the fitting kit from ebay and get halfords to fit it for you.
Glad i got a zenec non of that faffing about just plug and play 5 min fitment mind you i did get it at a bargain price reason i went for it .
[quote name='STEADS' timestamp='1351633855' post='214575']
Glad i got a zenec non of that faffing about just plug and play 5 min fitment mind you i did get it at a bargain price reason i went for it .

If I found a zenec at a bargain price mate I'd have gone for it too.

I am happy with me pioneer though does look the business in my opinion.

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