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Full Version: Fusion Central Locking
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john j
The central locking on my 03 fusion locks then unlocks immediately. Also the door ajar light in dash display does not go out when all doors are closed.
Is there a simple way to disable the central locking?
Try removing fuse F24 (20amp)
john j
Had already tryed that to no avail. Removed fuse F34 though which sits imediately below it(according to fuse layout diagram printed on pull down glove compartment F34 is for electric sunroof which is not fitted to this car. This has disabled the central locking. Hope it has'ent disabled anything else! Jury is still out on that one. Thanx
How odd....
And it couldn't be your mistake that all your fuses are in the wrong rows :D
john j
Managed to rectify problem now. Took drivers door panel off only to be confronted by another panel underneath to which the electric window motor seems to be attached to. Rather than spend ages removing all this , I simply cut a hole in this panel so I get my hand in to pull wires through that pass from bulkhead to drivers door. On inspection I discovered a broken wire. Simply reconnected it together using a bullit connector. These wires take a lot of punishment with the constant opening and closing of door. So I suspect I havent seen the last of this problem.

F24 is apparently the central locking, alarm and horn according to my manual. 


I thought I could resolve this problem long term by just living without the central locking, but would be annoying not to have a horn...


Looks like earthing the connection in the GEM or taking the door panel off are the only solutions  :unsure:


but would be annoying not to have a horn.

Instant MOT failure too!!!!!

More I think about this, I think it might be connected to water getting inside the doors and causing the intermittent fault with locking and the door ajar light. 


Well taken fuse out for central locking, and still have a working horn - so a temporary solution for now. On the case with an auto electrician for a bypass solution, and will let you know how I get on...


Auto electrician has sorted this for me today. Passenger door now bypassed so that door not shut light no longer on, and central locking now functioning again. 


Door not shut light still works on remaining 3 doors.


He had to take the door panel off to do it. 


New door actuator would be £300 - so prohibitive on a car of this age!

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