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Full Version: Auto Wipers Not Working Correctly? Advice Please
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Hi, so got a 59 plate focus titanium last week, traded up from a ghia because I wanted all the gadgets still, this is where my problems have began..

Day after purchase got up in the morning to drive to work put heated front screen on and only passenger side defrosted.. :(

Dealer was ok, said would need a new screen so this got done this morning, was a bit concerned by it just being a company I have not heard of (was expecting autoglass).

Went out before and all was fine but rain stopped, spray stopped and wipers continue to wipe, not constantly, maybe every 10/15 seconds, even when not moving?

Now my question is the rain sensor on the screen is this on the windscreen or wipers? If either have a bit of water on will the wipers still wipe?

I just don't remember this from my Ghia model unless it has changed in newer models?

I am worried now the screen being replaced has caused this fault, it never did it before the screen swap over?

Does anyone know of a good way to test other than waiting for a completely dry day that might be hard now, if I go and dry off all the screen and wipers would this be an ok way to test?

Rain sensor is on the screen by the rear view mirror , if they have changed the glass then they have not refitted the sensor correctly or even perhaps left dirt or finger print on the sensor , i would call them back out to correct the fault telling them it was ok before they change the glass.
The sensor detects droplets on the screen. I would bet that they've not connected the sensor back up properly - my dad had the same issue when Autoglass replaced his cracked screen in the summer.
The sensor has to be a set distance from the screen to function properly.
When fitted correctly there should be a small gel spacer between the sensor and the screen.
Thanks everyone, it is faulty!

Booked in again for the garage to look at, probably to tell me they can't fix it, the window people probably will have too.. Another wasted day to look forward too..

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