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Full Version: Engine System Failure!!
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Hi all I'm Alan and I'm new to the site.

Iv got a 57 plate focus mk2 1.6 tdci (110) climate.
I bought the car 3 weeks ago. It's in mint condition and has been serviced every 10000 miles. It's done 100000 miles.
I was driving home from work yesterday and about 5 minutes after leaving the car beeped and the little red led and engine light came on with the message engine system failure:( the car went into limp mode and hasn't got any power.
The car seems fine! No smoke, juddering or anything else apart from that warning and limp mode.

Any ideas what this could be?

Turns out its a dpf problem and needs flushing or something. Anyone got any info on this problem?
Mr Singh
it'll possible want the EOYLS topping up and the DPF replacing as it part of the 2nd big service (i think)
What will it cost to replace the dpf?
A DPF replacement from Ford will cost you a lot of money there are lots of threads on here about the DPF
I would start with a diagnostic for any DTC's ? Now it is just guessing. We must have a starting point.
Right thanks for the reply's. I had the car in a garage today fir a check and this is what they wrote down for me.
P2458 DPF regen duration above max threshold.
P242F DPF restriction, ash accumulation above max threshold.
V = stage IV + DPF

REQ, DPF cleaner
REQ, DPF Regeneration static
Pos, E.G Temp reset
Pos, DPF value reset
Pos, DPF differential pressure sensor value reset.
[quote name='Preee' timestamp='1351971676' post='215080']
A DPF replacement from Ford will cost you a lot of money there are lots of threads on here about the DPF
Can this be done by an independ garage?
Hi, Fords don't have Eolys, they spray diesel fuel in the 4th stroke. Because of this part of the diesel fuel goes into the oil and raises its level.

Does your oil level raise? If there is a problem within the particulates filter - it definelty will. The first thing to do is to go to someone who has IDS (the original diagnostics software) and ask him to check the differential pressure sensors. If they're ok, ask him to run the manual DPF cleaning procedure. This may help a bit. There is one more solution to try before DPF replacement - remove it from the car and wash its internals VERY well with pressure washer (a real one with very high pressure and steam, not just hot water) and degreaser.

And the last solution is to remove it completely and remap the ECU not to seek for differential pressure :)

Cheers from [url=""]Ford Club Bulgaria[/url] :)
Mr Singh
volvos use the same engines as ford and the smaller diesels up to a certain year have EOYLS, i think its up to 2007, after 2007 they altered the ECU's fuelling strategy.

you will still get problems is you remap the DPF out and still leave the DPF fitted. you will have to remove the DPF and map it at the same time, carnt do one before the other
Is it illegal to have the DPF removed?
Ford have said to have the DPF replaced will cost in the region of 1000!! A regeneration will not work.

I have found a place close to me that removed them and re mapps the engine for around 300.
It seems like a no brainier but will I be prosecuted if I have it removed? Is it likely to cause it to fail the mot
Maybe it is, but I live in Bulgaria where nobody cares ^_^
[quote name='Pyrhel' timestamp='1352152144' post='215407']
Maybe it is, but I live in Bulgaria where nobody cares ^_^
Fair enough :)
From a mag article i read, VOSA say it doesnt matter if the dpf is removed come mot time as they do a smoke test so i say get it removed and mapped to remove the light.

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