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Full Version: Rebuilt Injectors ...no1 Not Firing
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Hi, my name is Ritchie and i need some ideas as to my problem if someone can help me. i have a focus tdci 1.8 sport 04 plate...quick history but poor starting and white smoke after 4 years of no problems , so after a new battery, new starter, new fuel filter, 2 sets of glo plugs i had the injectors tested and all 4 were leaking so i had them refurbished and then recoded, now it starts but no1 isnt firing, the wiring has been checked up to the injector...i sound like i know what im talking about but my mechanic has told me all this so i sound knowledgable :) fault codes are showing .....
So can the injector be coded if faulty? .....if yes... and im told when it was refurbished it had to be tested electronically or else you cant calibrate it.....and he has also offered to retest it for me... then what else should i be looking at fault wise?
Any advice or ideas?
Thanks Ritchie
I'd say a faulty injector too or it wasn't recoded properly.
I had the injector refurbished so does it mean i need another injector? or should i get it retested and then checked for recoding?
Thanks for replying
Ive had similar starting problems with mine but im assured it is the wiring to the starter motor..
Injectors surely if just been refurbished they should be spoton or ud get money back..?
Dont know about coding them havent heard of that b4
unless they replaced. the solenoid, the inner shim or the centralizing plate in the injector there is no need to recode them and they can go back into the car in the same position they were removed from, 90% of refurbs are new nozzles and ultersonic cleaning,bench test, ect, i would get them to recheck the injector and find out what they actually replaced,you have paid for the work so it should come back to you all set up ready to go.
Ok latest update is that i sent the injector back and it was found to have a all the injectors are now firing and it starts lovely......problem is now there is hardly any acceleration seems to struggle through the gears and hardly goes over 45 neutral it will rev up to the red if thats any help?
Im not sure if the single injector that was repaired again needs recoding ??? can anybody enlighten me?
ive had new battery, starting motor, injectors refurbished,new fuel filter,new glo plugs,new cam sensor......the egr valve was cleaned out twice not long ago as was full of crap.....could this cause poor acceleration?
Am at a total loss now and need some input if anyone can advise thanks
have the injectors been recoded to the cars ecu ?
When all 4 were sent away to be refurbed they were then all recoded when they were returned, however No1 was found to be misfiring and i sent that one back ..when it was returned to me it was not then recoded ...would 1 single uncoded injector cause my problem then? and does it need recoding again?
Thanks Ritchie

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