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Full Version: Intercooler Piping Upgrade?
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guys, would it be worthwhile to change the current i/c piping to something that has a larger diameter?

i was reading a Performance Ford type mag where they did an i/c comparison between various i/c's and the R-Spec one came with larger diameter piping which made a huge difference in terms of bhp but a lot more on torque, with standard piping in made similar power to the others.
This got me thinking as the tdci only has 2" piping. could this be replaced by 2.5" piping? would it make a difference?

the outer diameter of the i/c piping is 2" and if an aftermarket i/c was to be used which already had a larger diameter then this possibly could be matched to a large diameter pipe all the way to the turbo where it would go back to 2" and increase the air pressure going in?

your thoughts please...
im no expert but many high performance tuners always fit the larger diameter pipng mate and all claim an increase from doing it the fact that some jap cars have 3inch or more fitted to high tuned turbo engines suggests you may well be right i would find a really good diesel tuners and give them a call they will know if and what difference it would make
i might see if i can get hold of the said pipe and see if a local exhaust place can make me a pipe to do the job, only concern being space. will have a good look over the weekend to explore the options. the pipes on ebay are going for £60 od quid so might order one from ford, use it as a tempalte and give it back...will need to get 'friendly' with the parts person first.
usually you have to remove the bumper fit the new pipe and then cut a section out of the rear of the bumper so it fits over the pipework
I had a look at lunch at the piping and it is accessible so removal of the bumper should not be required - will be a bit more difficult (removal of front lower gill will make it easier and quicker to do).
Its not a straight forward job to do but fingers crossed i will try to pop down to the exhaust place this Sat and take it off there and get them to fabricate a new pipe as they have a mandrel pipe bending machine. Will need to relocate the sensor part for it to work.

I will also get some silicone hoses to replace the OEM ones.

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