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Full Version: Getting Sick Of Cyclists.
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Ok, well some cyclists.

Basically today I was sat at the traffic lights, near the curb, and a cyclist came tearing up, clipped my mirror and has smashed the mirror and scratched all of the casing as well as going through the light red. Further up I stop the cyclist (in the end it took me 4 times of pulling in front of him and slowing down slowly before he stopped) and I ended up with a right ear load, a refusal to pay for the damage and he made out it was my fault! What a joke!

Luckily, mid argument a pair of police men pulled up behind because obviously 2 people arguing at the side of the road is cause for investigation, I didn't get chance to explain my part before the cyclist made out I was threatening him and so on, so I just let him do all the talking, and after doing so he's asked to go off with 1 officer, me with the other. Anyway the officer could see the damage on my vehicle and could tell due to the fact I wasn't all wound up and shouting the odds that it was quite obvious who was the one to blame.

The cyclist claimed he was nowhere near my mirror and that the damage was there, I was just out to get him, however when the police were informed he went through the red light (with a witness to see), he was issued a fine (which he refused to pay so will be off to court) and had to hand out his address, so I have reported it to my insurance company and they're taking over.

So basically, this guy is going to court to pay a fine, and is going to have to pay to have the mirror repaired/replaced, when he could have just given me his details, been apologetic, and had me go price up a mirror and fit it myself, for probably a fraction of what it'll cost him now.

Main thing is though, I've had to go through all this for a cyclist that thinks all other road users are the problem, after all one of his comments was, 'You ******* motorists think you own the roads and always get far too close,' when I was stationary with my handbrake on. I know this is not all cyclists, but there are too many cropping up thinking they completely own the road. To rub salt in the wound, here is someone exactly like the person in question, who has posted over 1,000 videos on YouTube of so called road users who don't give him enough room... Despite him not following the guidelines given to cyclists!


Anyone else got any cyclist stories? Bet a lot do >_>
Most cyclist seem to move out of my way when they hear a RS2000 I4 engine grunting up behind them, although a big problem we get round here is cyclist going around the country lanes side by side and refusing to pull in
[quote name='vinnyvangough' timestamp='1352239760' post='215598']
Most cyclist seem to move out of my way when they hear a RS2000 I4 engine grunting up behind them, although a big problem we get round here is cyclist going around the country lanes side by side and refusing to pull in

Exactly, drives me nuts that, they go in the middle of the road, or 3 wide in groups chatting, doing 20mph in a 60... With a stream of cars behind them. Not going to lie, it annoys the hell out of me, and is no wonder there's so much hate to them >_>
My bug with cyclists is when they wear headphones and have no high visibility clothing or lights at night
There's a cyclest in my area that rides at night with dark clothes and hoodie up.
He doesn't appear to believe in lights and likes the wrong side of the road.
He cuts up traffic on a roundabout and truly doesn't seem to care,
I'm just waiting for time when he misjudges one night and ends up as a bonnet ornament.
Some people just deserve to get driven over.
Driving around Cambridge is a nightmare when it comes to cyclists! One incident I remember most is a cyclist at night with no lights, dressed in dark clothing goes to turn right... so he goes from being against the kerb to the central white line in front of me, no signal, didn't even look over his shoulder, just expecting me and the cars behind me to stop for him. I had to almost emergency stop, as did the car behind me to avoid knocking him off his bike. I gave him a blast of the horn and he just waved his middle finger at me, with little idea that his actions could have caused him to be knocked off his bike and my car being rear-ended.

They think they're invincible. Problem is, if you hit one through no fault of your own and they are injured or worse, who's in trouble?
I totally get where you're coming from... They're a pain and 95% of them all have attitude problems as well :huh: . A few times I've had a mouthful when it's them that have been in the wrong.

Like you all say cyclists think they own the road. Really annoys me.

Cyclists should be made to pay to use the roads. Even £20 a year or something and carry a ID card (Driving license if you like) so they can be liable for accidents and traffic offenses
They should be made to hold insurance.
couldn't agree more, being a cyclist aswell it really gets to me when 99% of the time it is the cyclist in the wrong thinking that they are invincible, i for one know i'm not, especially after riding like a pleb about 10 years ago and ending up with 4 broken ribs, a broken wrist and fractured leg, all because i wasn't paying attention properly, the simple fact is that a vast majority of cyclists have no road sense atall, luckily since i have been driving aswell i now see the dangers that cyclists cause not only to themselves but others is far greater than i ever thought, maybe if the government used our money to put in cycle lanes instead of handing it on a plate to the EU then the roads would be a lot safer,
I think they should ban cyclists from main roads, for their safety and our sanity
Ive said this before cyclists should be on the path. There's much less chance of them causing serious harm to pedestrians than a car causing serious harm to a cyclist
imo I'm also a cycalist and on route to work is fine as majority of roads are empty. hivIs top n trousers (orange) 2 front lights n back lights. when going upbank I use pavement as I don't want to upset any drivers.....

on route home totally different story.... u find in premium traffic the car driver has little/ no patience at all and doesn't care about the cyclist.... I have almost been knocked off multiple times just on my way home....... 6 miles..... I don't cycle for fun/hobby just as a work commute..... an to be honest I lookin hate it........
It's just a vicious circle the average cyclist doesn't respect the car driver and the average car driver doesn't the cyclist.

They have as much right to use the road as anyone else.
Cyclists on the pavement are a danger and also illegal.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1360709137' post='235447']
They have as much right to use the road as anyone else.

But everything else on the road has to have a license, some form of tax even if its free and insurance. so why should they have any right?

my old moped used to go slower than pushbike but i had to have insurance, mot's etc etc
spot on stoney I got stopped by a coppa when was on pavement just like u said against the law.... was just b4 xmas and I just told him get more cycle lanes so I can at least feel little safer. I'm 1 of those who prefer pavement as feed safe due to driver neglect....
my latest 1 was coming down local mainroad had ti jump on pavement due to lack of room left by drivers. and this car stuck in traffic just decided to turn left onto a side road I was approaching. no indication or nothing I had to put bike into a sideways skid n yell abuse. if I didn't I would of hit car bang on, on its side yet again another for the lack of concentration driver......
I dont think cyclists on the path are half as much danger as the are on the road. As ive said before I think theres alot less chance of a serious injury happening from a cyclist colliding with a pedestrian than a cyclist colliding with a car or a car colliding with a car when overtaking etc. Also I agree they should be paying some sort of road tax them and those motability scooters! You should definately have to pass a test before theyre let loose with them theyre mental. Ive seen one quite casually pull right out from between 2 parked cars right in front of a an on coming car and caused it to swerve right into another car driving in the opposite direction and the wee old woman just casually went on her way oblivious to the havock she'd caused
I do agree that they're a pain.
Technically by law mobility scooters and even wheelchairs are not supposed to be on pavements either.
I believe that for cyclists the should be a surcharge when buying a bike to pay for road upkeep and helmets as a must.
It's amazing how many people that don't even fit lights, bear in mind that it's also a legal requirement still to have a bell on a bike although many don't.
The annoying thing is if I drove around with no head lights any policeman would jump at the opportunity to book me. Yet if a cyclist did it they wouldn't batter an eye lid grrr...
It's like a whole new rule book for cyclists. The only good thing about winter is there are less cyclists on the road :P

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