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Full Version: Flip Cubbyhole Removal (Traditionally An Ashtray)
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Hi, has anyone got a comprehensive guide to removing the flip cubby hole under the stereo please? Looks like an ashtray.

The damping mechanism has completely failed after clicking for a while and it won't fully open now :-(

Many thanks.

You need to remove the plastic trim that surrounds the gear stick, then the piece you want to remove will just pull out. Nothing more too it :-)
Nigel S
[i]Yes, it really is that simple![/i]
"nothing more too it" and "simple" ...... hmmmmmm i'll reserve judgement as a technical incompetent ;-/

Thanks guys. :-)

PS how does one remove the plastic gear stick surround?
On a Mk2 you pry the edge facing you up with a screwdriver and it unclips.
The bottom of the tray pulls out first then the lugs at the top unhook from behind the lip of the cubbyhole.
Think Scoobi has the Mk2.5 though which is a bit more involved, supposedly removing more of the centre console. Think I read a thread about it recently, maybe even with a shortcut to removing it on the facelift without needing to remove the other parts, so will try find a link for you.
it is a mk2.5 yes. appreciate the help fellahs.
yeah in the mk2.5 you need to remove the whole console, there is no gear stick surround like there is in the mk2. its all built in to one piece. You need to remove the two torx screws under the front of the armrest. remove the handbrake gaiter section. remove the third torx screw under the cup holder mat. Then give the console a good tug. It comes out up and towards the rear as there are two clips holding it to the centre consle area. you will then need to remove the gear stick gaiter before the console can be removed completely. The 'garage door' section is held in by 2 torx screws and a plastic wedge.

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