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Full Version: 2014 Rs
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ok guys just seen on auto express and here [url=""][/url] that it looks like ford will be releasing a mk3 rs which i really think i want to get hold of [url=""][/url]
thats the link for google obviously its going to be photoshopped images until ford offically release pictures but what do we think on this because ever since i drove a 10plate facelift st i have wanted an rs/st so im very tempted obv insurance could be the only problem i encounter
Doesn't look as aggressive as the mk2.5 RS, IMHO.

That matt black one in the picture gallery on the Car magazine link looks real mean! ;-)
Yeah that's the rs 500 (sorry not trying to make out your totally stupid) and there is one going about Aberdeen I have been lucky enough to see it twice within a few days and when I saw it my grandma didn't understand y I was going potty over it
Haha yeah one of 500 in the world!! Got to be one of the most iconic cars of the last decade

Can't wait to see what the mk3 RS would be capable of. 4x4 would make much more sense if they want to put 350bhp+ 2.3 ecoboost in it. All the rivals have 4x4; golf R, Audi s3 and rs3. The c30 polestar is what the mk2 RS would have been like with 4x4
Yeah 4wd would be awesome but I was reading the developers think it weighs too much and ruin the car ? How this is I dunno 4wd would be very good in a car with that power
Developers do use the concept of more weight equals less performance hence the lack of 4wd, but surely someone who designs these things has the brains to understand that having all that power and not being able to lay it down is plainly pointless, this coupled with much worse handling with just 2wd,,,, come on ford bigwigs,,, use your noggins !!!

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