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Full Version: Correct Oil: Advice Please
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What is the correct oil for a mk1 2000 2.0 16v.

Every oil site i go on says something different, some say Part Synthetic some say fully Synthetic etc etc.

Some say 10w 40 others say 5w 30.

Mine has done 148 thousand miles, and i do a lot of stop start work as am a delivery driver.

Also what is correct oil to top gearbox up.


Just another quick one, any one ever had a car on a log book saying its a saloon when its clearly a hatchback, dvla refuse to change it, also fords ettis site says it a saloon.
since its just as cheap order from ford mate that way you get the right stuff all ford focis use 5w30 thats a fact 10w is too thick though its used on old cars but on a 2000 that can cause sticking tappets so 5w30 is what ford put in
Mr Singh
our mk1 focus was registered as a saloon but it was a hatch and we managed to change it on the log book, can't remember how as my dad sorted it all out
Standard recommended oil for all Fords is 5W30 full synthetic MagnaTec
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1352409044' post='215871']
Standard recommended oil for all Fords is 5W30 full synthetic MagnaTec
[/quote]I dont know about that magnatec, i've heard so many bad stories about it, engines knocking after its gone in etc etc.
That's the oil Ford recommend so i just go by that.
Engines knocking after you've put Castrol Magnatec in? First I've heard of that. I serviced my car this year for the first time after it's warranty ran out and put Magnatec in. Runs superbly.

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