Hi, first post!

After 3 years happy driving my 2008 TDCi Focus style has the persistent ESP light on so dealer said that this was due to the ECU failing and this part alone would cost £651 + VAT! ABS works fine as it worked just this morning and the light has been on for a few weeks, just the ESP wont go back off. Friend thinks it could be a loose wire after hitting a small pothole in the dark.

My local breaker says he has a part for sale for £95 so quite tempted to get it. He said it should be OK but to check that it was an ATE part I needed as thats what he lifted out of the Focus he broke up.

The dealer said that the part I needed was 8M51-2C013-FA but googling that brings up 2 results, in Turkish! The dealer said that part will fit a 2007-11 Focus but not ST...

I was looking at this and was wondering if it would be suitable? The darn MOT is next week, such a time for it to go up!

If anyone can help then thanks in advance!