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Full Version: Help! My Focus Is Playing Up :(
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Hey guys!

So i've only had my 56 plate 2.0ltr Focus Titanium for around 2 months, and a couple of days ago it started playing up.
I'm wondering if you guys can point me in the right direction before a costly trip to the garage.

So i went out for bonfire night and it was pretty cold, had frost warnings and that... but it was fine. parked up and went to the bonfire.
When i came back to the car, the first thing i noticed was that it was telling me the bonnet was open. The bonnet is definately not open. :(
I noticed a whole list of other problems on the way home. They seem a bit random, but must be related as they all happened at the same time.
[*]Temperature gauge reads ' - - - ' constantly.
[*]Heaters do not work.
[*]When i lock my car, the indicators no longer flash.
[*]When i use the rear windscreen wiper, it only goes half way then stops until i turn it off and on again.
[*]The window demisters do not work.
[*]The yellow light in the shape of an engine is on on the dash.
[*]the red light to the right of the odometer is on (think this is related to the bonnet warning)
The car is driving ok, although sounds like it might need some oil so going to get that topped up today.
but yeah... can anyone think of what might caused these problems?

Thanks in advance!!!

definately a wiring issue. it could be something simple like a loose earthing/positive connection than can do this. check the battery terminals and any earthing straps are secure. could also mean that a wire is trapped somewhere and is shorting somewhere causing this to happen.
I would say an earthing fault too.
something that occured to me just now is that the day before, I took a load of rubbish to the tip as we'd had a halloween/bonfire party.
It would seem one of them had cans of beer in which cant have been empty as the car smells of beer.
Is it possible this beer could have run down somewhere near the rear of the car/boot area and caused a short?

I'll check the battery terminals tomorrow and will prob leave the battery disconnected for a bit.

Where should i be looking for the earthing straps?

Cheers!! :)
just look in the engine bay for any thick (black normally) straps and make sure they are not loose.
if there was a booze spill, then check the passenger side grommet in the boot (pull the carpet up) and see if there is any there casuing any probs.

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