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Full Version: The Zetec S Needs An Exhaust Tip...
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Been looking at a second hand Ford MS Design exhaust tip from a local seller on eBay:


If I was to win the auction, how hard would it be to find somewhere to put it on for me? Think it would look quite good at the rear to fill the diffuser:


Any thoughts folks? :)
You could probably fit it yourself, a bit of sealing paste and a clamp is all that's needed.
I've no idea how to get the current strange Zetec S exhaust end off or even know if it is the same shape?
The chrome bit is just a tip that is bolted over the standard focus exhaust. You would need to cut off the length of that new exhaust from the standard one. Has been done by a guy on focusowners called Franno I think so you could look at his thread over there
Cheers for that.

Seller relisted the item, looks like it may be mine very soon.
you could always take it to a custom exhaust place and have the out it on, powerflow or longlife exhausts. maybe a local exhaust place may even make it fit.
Certainly hope so, picking it up on Thursday.

Only thing I'm looking at is that the bend seems to be going the opposite way to the existing exhaust :/
Picked the exhaust up this evening, needs a bit of a clean but otherwise all good.

Looks like I will have to get part of the existing pipe cut down to accomodate the new exhaust end.

Anyone know of anything that could help clean up the exhaust before I get it put on, and also what cost I'm probably looking at to get the exhaust on the car?
do it yourself mate, i done mine! although the pipe on my tip was longer ( went to the rear axel) but just unclip your exiting exhaust from the hangar behind the bumper, insert the new tip and that will give you a cut line, then cut the exhaust, (exhaust cutters are good) then a bit of sealing paste and a 'U' clamp and jobs a goodun.. i would expect a exhaust place to charge a min of £50 just for their time...


at rear axle
by the looks of yours it seems it will sit alot further towards the N/S of the car. hence yours has a kink and mine is straight. id check it will fit properly under the ZS diffuser before making any cuts!

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