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Full Version: Is The Clutch On Its Way Out?!?
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Mr Singh
as my parents were on holiday last week i used mums focus instead of my forfour for the commute to work and i noticed that the engine would rev up quickly but the speed stayed the same or rose slowly when setting off at a round about on the york ring road. i tried the clutch slip test, put it in 5th at 30 and floor it and there was no clutch slip which lead me to think its possibly spinning the wheels slightly (im unsure of its got traction control as its a 55 reg 1.6 saloon). anyhow picked my parents up yesterday from manchester and as i joined the M62 from the M60 the engine revs went up quickly but the speed rose slowly, i was in 2nd going up the slip road at about 30/40ish.

now if it is the clutch thats on its way could i get ford to replace it under goodwill as its got full ford history untill 2011 when we bought it. iv used genuine ford service kits/items (6th and 7th year services) from ford, serviced it myself but iv kept the recipts as proof of history.
Sounds like the clutch to me by what you have described but I can't see ford replacing as a good will gesture I think at the least your lookin at 350/450 at an independent .
Mr Singh
roughly how much do ford charge for a clutch change? might be worth asking when we take it for its MOT this weekend, the MOT station in near the ford garage on kirkstall road
I should imagine 600+ why use a main stealer when an independent is quite capable and a lot cheaper seek out a recommended indy .
have a look here for prices


ford now do fixed pricing for some of their repairs!! says £449 for clutch rapair
Mr Singh
thanks guys, well see what happens and ill report back
Mr Singh
been driving my mums focus again this week and all seams well. the clutch biting point is low and its pulling well. got wheel spin yesterday in the snow which leads me on to another question how do i know if its got traction control? got wheel spin but no flashing traction control light on the dash
600 where about i had ford fit a full clutch kit for 280 do you have a rapid fit centre as they get the main dealer to do the work but at rapid fit prices hence the 280
The Focus and your Smart fourtwo are completly different in their power/ torque characeristrcts

The Focus probably has a massive amount more power and torque compared to your Smart fourtwo

its easy to forget you are in a different car

All this talk of 200Hp or more - 115hp is still a fair amount and if you are used to a lot less power (and torque).......

Putting this power and torque down through the front wheels can cause wheelspin if you are not careful with the right foot! (especially in the wet/ snow/ at low road temps )

if you give me the specs of your fourtwo (cubic capacity/ bhp/ torque) i could compare it directly with the Focus

I could be wrong and the Focus clutch/ and or DMF may need replacing, but my "gut" says no.
Its a ti vct so no traction control the ti vct will spin it provides max torque at 1500rpm and as said you should have changed gear in the ti vct at 3k in snow 2.5k thetes nothing wrong with the clutch the ti vct has more power and torque than standard petrols in a normal petrol max torque is 5500rpm in the ti vct you get that low down from 1.5-2.5rpm badically you were too heavy with the foot and were spinning the wheels gently does it otherwise the torque will spin the wheels max torque is 155nm
Smart for four will have either a 68bhp engine with 118nm torque at 4000rpm thats the diesel or the petrol 70bhp and 92nm torque at 5800 rpm compare that to the focus 115bhp minimum and 155nm torque at 4150rpm and if the throttles down 155nm torque at 2000rpm
Mr Singh
[quote name='FOCA' timestamp='1358613520' post='228410']
The Focus and your Smart [i]fourtwo[/i] are completly different in their power/ torque characeristrcts

The Focus probably has a massive amount more power and torque compared to your Smart [i]fourtwo[/i]

if you give me the specs of your [i]fourtwo[/i] (cubic capacity/ bhp/ torque) i could compare it directly with the Focus


i have a FORfour, and i had a FORtwo before that... sorry i get really up tight when people write it as fourtwo or fourfour

my 1.1 forfour is the passion model which has 75 BHP at 6000 RPM and 100NM of torque at 3,500 RPM.

i know my mums focus is a 1600 saloon with the TI-VCT engine and it will have more power than my forfour and i really dont care, and i know the 2 cars are diffrent so i wont ever compare the 2.

i didnt deliberatly wheel spin cos of the heavy right foot (which i admit to having now and then) it was when i stopped and tried to set off after dropping some one off.

i recon the clutch is ok and good for well after we sell it, when we do eventually get rid which wont be any time soon. i just want to know if its got TC which artscot has said it hasnt
the only reason for the comparison was to explain why you got the wheel spin setting off mate no offence intended its just down to the low down torque thats all i can rest assure you from what you said the clutch is fine
Mr Singh
dont worry about it artscot. no offence taken :)

does the non TI-VCT 1.6 have traction control (as an extra or standard)?
as an extra option mate
Mr Singh
sounds kinda stupid as ALL small volvos have traction control standard across the range. hey ho if that's how ford want to do things...

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