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Full Version: Transporting Bumper - Will It It Fit?!
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I'm going to pick up an ST front bumper sometime soon, possibly this evening. Was just wondering if anyone has any experience of fitting a front bumper into the back of the Focus and can confirm if it will fit or not - obviously with the back seats down and parcel shelf out of the way, and front passenger seat pushed all the way forward too if need be.

I'm looking to pic up the bumper as soon as I can and I'm pretty pushed for time, as always, so just wondering if I could arrange to go get it tonight in my own car or if I'd need to get a van to go lift it, or even use my brother's Mk3 Mondeo hatch.
Short answer, yes ;)

Back seats down and parcel shelf out the way. Fit straight in. May have to bend it slightly to curve it round but won't damage it.

Did it a few times myself, when I took my ST bumper to my brother inlaws to have somewhere to fit it, then when I took my old bumper back, then when I had to take my old bumper to nottingham.

Thinking about it, if you look on this photo you can see me old bumper in the back of me car:

Doh! Just jumped back online to update this as I've just had a when I had my ST rear bumper in the back when I picked it up!

Think I might have had the front passenger seat pushed and folded forward too (mine being a 3 door) and had the bumper from there to the back driver side corner of the boot.

Right, fingers crossed this guy is available some time between 6 (hometime) and 9 (Homeland time)!
Homeland? We get it on a Sunday at 9pm.

Did you get the other bits Gary?
That reminds me I also fitted a front bumper in as well when I had to have it replaced.
Well I couldn't get a hold of the seller last night so no joy as yet. Will try him again today as I think he works shifts.

Sal, we get it on a Tuesday at 9 over here on the RoI's state broadcaster RTE. It often gets American shows on first play before the UK...not sure how or why, but I'm not gonna question it! Cracking show.

Have arranged to get my spoiler on Saturday...have the replacement bits gathered up (spoiler from ebay, washer from Ford, and plug from Clive is on it's way...thanks!), so, like collecting this front bumper, it was just a matter of finding a time that suits to do it.

I'm in the seller's vicinity on Saturday morning for an airport run, so meeting him after then zipping back down the road in time for my match on Saturday avo. Couple of hundred miles driving ain't gonna do the legs any favours mind!
Bit off topic but have you ever used ??? Has pretty much every TV series ever made and all new episodes are uploaded within 12 hours of release no mater what country it's from :)

Back on topic, the amount of furniture from Ikea that has been in my focus I would be shocked if you couldn't fit a mere Bumper in :P
[quote name='Haz93' timestamp='1352887679' post='216699']
Bit off topic but have you ever used ??? Has pretty much every TV series ever made and all new episodes are uploaded within 12 hours of release no mater what country it's from :)[/quote]

Haz, you star, I will be watching lots of series now and wont have time to work on my car :P
That'll save you a fortune Sal!

Have heard of a few sites for watching tv series on so will check that one out. To be honest, there aren't many shows that I really buy into, and find myself too busy for most of them, but Homeland has me gripped through the season and a bit so far.

I think The Wire was the best show ever made, better than Sopranos for me, so find it hard to watch anything these days without ending up sayin, 'but it's not as good as The Wire'! Homeland's definitely a must watch for me at the minute though. And at the risk of sounding a bit old-fashioned, there's something I like about having 9pm on a Tuesday to look forward to!

Breaking Bad is coming very highly recommended to me at the minute, anyone seen it? Maybe this should be in it's own 'off-topic' thread, haha!
I recommend boardwalk empire on sky Atlantic.
Excellent period drama about prohibition and gangsters.
Have it on the sky plus at the minute pal. Watched an episode yesterday evening when I was waiting to hear if I could go lift my spoiler (that's almost on the original topic, haha!).

Had Season 2 recorded as well and went through about 2 or 3 episodes a night to finish it before Season 3 started. Was sitting up to all hours and like a zombie then in work, but it was worth it!

I know it's still relatively early but Season 3 is a bit of a let down for me so far, just hasn't caught light yet I suppose. Owen Slater's accent's not bad to be fair to him, but some of the ones when they visited the Emerald Isle were bleak. Sounded perfect mind you compared to some that I've heard in Sons of Anarchy...embarrassing! Must have done their research by watching Richard Gere in The Jackal repeatedly. Jeez there have been some awful attempts at it now I come to think of it, haha!
At least Kelly McDonald having the Scots accent makes it easier for her to do a half decent attempt at an Irish one.
Like you say though, season 3 is a bit of a slow burn to start with.
Haha glad to be of service :)

Noooo don't give up on the car!!! Surely it's the more important that being lazy :P

Got to say I'm a fan of vampire shows :F
Vampire diaries and True Blood :P

New twilight on Friday!!!!

( no I'm defo a gearhead not a teenage girl :S )
Ah true blood, plenty of sex and murder.
Good wholesome entertainment. :D
Indeed :) not exactly the most well thought out program but the other stuff makes up for that
Nice on for the heads up about Haz

May save me downloading everything I watch.

Tell me though, what's it like for buffering? I have a fast net connection but still the likes of itv player are completely unwatchable.

And the main question being, does force you to watch adverts throughout like itv player etc?

If it does I'll stick to downloading.
Well they don't host vids just give links but I try to use the gorillavid links. They load well and work on mobile too. There are no 'in video' adverts and if you use google chrome and install the ad blocker app then there are no pop ups or anoying links at all :)
Nice one mate I'll give it a go
i went on the website at work just to have a look and one of the pop ups had a naked lady...although it made me smile my boss was just behind me...not a good idea!
Haha lol must have been anoying

Just install adblocker
Just an update on this...delighted to say the bumper fitted in no probs! :D Just picked it up there now, needs a wipe after storage but no damage on it.

Got it complete with upper and lower grilles, ST badge on the upper grille, swivel badge, mounting brackets, fog surrounds/bezels, and fog light units that have a HID kit of some sort wired in!

Will try get a pic of it in the boot and again when I get it out. Starting to get excited!

Also got my RS spoiler all ready to go now too after getting the required washer jet and hose tubing from Ford. Thanks to Sal for all his advice and help on this. Just waiting a suitable time now to get it booked in for it's makeover.
Couldn't get a pic of the bumper in the boot as it was dark, but it wasn't a big deal. So now have front, rear, skirts and RS spoiler all waiting to go on! :D

And one for Sal if he sees this topic of the washer jet fitted to my RS spoiler...chuffed with how snug and flush I got it, just hope the spray points in the right direction now!

Very nice Gary, lets hope the insurance comes thru now so you can get it all on before Xmas!
Looking good mate,
The grills and fog surrounds in taxi black would look good but keeping the silver lines on the fogs.
Yeah, already been thinking about grills and that. Have seen a lot of people go colour coded and black etc, but some of them I'm not too keen on. Would possibly do them in black, but as you say, I'd be keeping the silver trim as I like the contrast it gives. Have seen people colour code the complete bezels and surrounds but I don't really like the way it just blends in then.

To be honest, I've been wanting the ST bits on for so long that I'll not be too worried about keeping them standard for a while! Once the kit goes on, top of the to-do list will be some sort of exhaust solution to fill the bumper cut-outs.

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