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Full Version: Driver Side Front Foglight Smashed :(
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Hi all,

So walking out to my car this morning and noticed that the glass lens of my driver side front foglight has smashed. Has this happened to anyone else (through driving) or should I start shooting the neighbourhood kids on site?

Funnily enough the blub still works so the actual unit itself must be fine. Would I be able to just replace the lens or would it be the whole lot? In either case what would be the part I should be looking for?

sometimes the glass can overheat and crack. a small stone could have caused this whilst you were driving. plenty of them should be found on ebay.
Haz93 for a mk2 for a mk2.5

Hope that helps :) no need to replace the glass just easier to get a new one
beat me to it Haz
What Mk Is your car?
On pretty much all of the focus the lens is a one piece unit.
On the Mk2 at least the lens and back casing are all one piece and only the mount is metal.
Not sure of the design of the other models.
Thanks for all the responses guys.

Mine is a MK2 (55 plate). Thought it might well be a whole unit job, saves fussing around with adhesives I suppose but was worried it would be expensive, but both the links you guys sent are under £20 so should be good to go. Thanks again!
I have some for sale in the Buy & Sell section if any good...

[quote name='gforce' timestamp='1352985659' post='216897']
I have some for sale in the Buy & Sell section if any good...


perfect yeah that's what I'm after, I'll post in that thread :)

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