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Full Version: Sudden Influx Of Spam Posts
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Could the mods please find a way to block or at least reduce the instances of spam posts?
We get the odd one or two occasionally but today I've noticed at least twenty instances.
It's getting very annoying and ruins the flow of many threads to suddenly be reading random posts and crap.
I'm a busy lad and would prefer not to be bombarded with s##t, I get enough junk emails as it is.
Mark M.K
I have been dealing with them - about 50 fake accounts have been made so far today! But what i can do is very limited since i no longer have access to the admin control. All i can do is keep removing the posts and wait for steve to change settings under admin panel
I was actually about to say the same thing as Clive.

Seen a fair few today and seen some crap about watches or something a few minutes ago.
Like this crap:

Mark M.K
All spam posts get removed soon as possible, but please remember we cannot be on the forums all the time. If you spot anymore spam please use the report button and it will be delt with by one of the mods.
Will do Mark
Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have that ability on the mobile version.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1353110502' post='217168']
Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have that ability on the mobile version.

I did it on my phone I have a report button beside multiquote
I don't have multi quote either :(
The mobile version must differ slightly depending on the phone.

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