My Focus has bits missing, its been in a crash (I got it cheap). I'd like to replace the important bits but having only pulled my own focus apart so I'm not sure whats missing.

I have wiring loom issues! Immobiliser keeps kicking in, wiggle the loom and it sorts itself, well it did until the other day. Decided to root out any broken/damaged wires I could find. Whilst digging I found the ecu cable tied to the air box <_< so whats missing? Whatever it was mounted to has gone.

all that was removed was this

Also fuse box has seen better days, is it supposed to be mounted on something? Or just floating on the bolt and nothing under it.

Are all fuse boxes standard?If I was to find replacement it doesn't have to come off exact same model does it? As far as I can tell I just remove the wires from the old and put them into the new and set up the same as the old, fuses and relay etc.