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Full Version: Focus 1.6 Ti-Vct Tuning????
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Car... focus 57 plate 1.6 ti-vct cant realy find much to tune this engine but ill get it a lot faster than what it is (115BHP) At the minute. has any one ever tried DTK remap it will give my car an extra 43BHP the website says for £500 lol
That's defo a lie!!! You will gain about 5-10bhp at the most on a non turbo petrol.

If you want to tune it, there aren't many products out there but there are a few;

Piper Ti VCT cam shafts, about 10bhp
Remap (superchips bluefin trusted remap company) about 10bhp
Upgrade air filter and improve air feed, about 2-5bhp if that
Tube manifold and full exhaust system (pumaspeed??) maybe 5bhp with the air filter?
So all in all without strapping a turbo on you will be able to gain about 20 - 25bhp from what's on the market, but you will be looking at about 1000 for all that
as above absoloute bxxlxxxt the ti vct can be tuned but only by those who know what they are doing mess it up and the cams will operate at the wrong time and cause headaches as well as a car that wont run

the ti vct is already equipped with a cold air feed fed from the lower bumper up a channel into the airbox so a panel filter will give 2-5bhp increase at most an induction kit willl lose you 2-3bhp as the standard set up is far better a remap may gain an extra 10bhp at best with the filter a sports cat another few bhp new cams will give 5-10 bhp at a cost of 500 simply put dont waste youre time the point of the ti vct is to have the torque low down the rev range like a diesel does its not a sports engine in 1.6 form
there is a supercharger kit in europarts website but it has only been made for the fiesta mk7 ti-vct up to now but the new 2012+ cars are equipped with the ti-vct engine so there will probley be more tuning options for this engine I hope so any ways because I want to tune the thing to the max haha if nothing im happy with has not been released with in 2 years im getting an ST deffose. PS-thanks for the info
I have just brought a zetec-s 1.6 "59 plate". great car all round. having myself spoke to a few places, bluefin, pumabuild, CAT, all say the same thing, can tune your car up to about 20-30bhp depending. its just down to personal preference. you will gain bhp and torque and spend about 1k. Me im going for either pipercross/ITG panel filter and a remap by either midlands remap or bluefin, total cost £300 and get about 15-20bhp acorrding to the people i spoke to.
hope this helps or gives you any ideas :)

P.S Any1 doing a midlands meet up?????
did any of them tell you that the cam timing valve and cam gear will wear quicker and likely need replaced earlier than the 60k recommendation at a cost of £400 in parts alone likely not but its a point to remember the figures sound right more the bottom estimate of 15bhp is likely but you dont really notice any of it if im honest
No they failed to tell me that!! Valid point and I will now rethink before I do anything.
The timing is advanced or retarded by a small oil filled mechanism within the cam pulley and has set advanced or retard positions by tuning the engine these parts are put through more stress than normal when they fail and they do as its a wear item a new pulley must be fitted which means removing the timing belt so as a rule of thumb when a timing belt replacement is due you're just as well replacing the cam gear as well an expensive job either way its more common on tuned ti vct engines for this to be replaced early

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