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Full Version: Power Steering Pump Problem?
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I was driving my car the other night when there was suddenly a horrible whining and groaning noise coming from the engine. I got out and found the noise was coming from my PAS pump. The noise got worse if I revved the engine harder and also when i turned the steering wheel. I also found steering fluid splattered around the engine (obviously dropped onto the aux belt and flew around the engine). I abandoned the car for the night as I didn't want to drive it with no fluid and the reservoir was empty. I went back the next day and topped up the fluid (only took about 200ml as it was just the reservoir empty and not the whole system). I drove it home to find there was no longer a noise and no more leak :s I've driven it twice since there and can't hear anything and the fluid level isn't dropping so I'm assuming there isn't another leak yet. Has anyone got an idea of what it could have been?
power steering pump failing and forced the hydraulic fluid out of the resevoir see what happens you may get a bit more out of it either that or a hose was somehow blocked
Just had another leak, the reservoir has drained again. This time there was no noise and oil has splattered across the engine again. Is it reasonable to assume the pump seal has gone?
I think I've found it, there is a pipe connection to the pump that looks like it's leaking. It's a metal pipe on the front of the unit behind the radiator. Sadly I cannot reach it due to the amount of stuff around it so it looks like I'm going to be taking out the alternator to get to it!

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