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For years I had Fords. Sierras, Mondeos. For the last 8 years, I've had Scenics. I'm looking for a Mondeo again, a 2007-2008 diesel estate most probably.

Technology has moved on, even with Ford, so I'm after any pointers about what to look out for when I see a car I'm interested in buying.

Renaults are plagued with electrical niggles, but I notice that Mondeos are littered with sensors now, so are they more reliable than others?The Dual Mass Flywheel seems to have found it's way onto most cars, but is the Ford DMF any more likely to fail than any others?

The cars I'm looking at are reasonably high mileage, 100,.000- 140,000. Do Mondeos fare well at those numbers?

Thanks for any advice. ;)
[color="#0000FF"][size="5"][font="Times New Roman"]Hi welcome[/font][/size][/color] :)
Thanks dezwez.

I was expecting some pointers from the forum, so I may have asked for advice in the wrong place? I'll try to locate the correct section. ;)
I posted in the Mondeo Forum, but nothing. Useless.
my sons got a mondeo mk 3 dm flywheel gave out about 85 k
ive heard you can get a single con kit
it now got 130k on it
The age of mondeo you're looking at are pretty solid, but why such a high mileage?
With that many miles it woulm indicate fleet or taxi vehicles so they'll either be good because of motorway miles or terrible because of starting and stopping all the time.
Make sure you get a fleet car at that mileage or clutches and many other things will rear up.
Another thing going for ex fleet will be regular servicing and maintenance although you'll likely get no service history.
Thanks chaps.

Trawling the web has never turned up a low mileage example, they are mostly 80k or so, even a privately owned one. I noticed that above 100k the price dropped sharply, which concerned me.

However, the mileage is what makes the car £4k instead of £7k, so I'm expecting [i]some[/i] issues. I just wanted to be aware of what sort of issues are common. It seems that all the ones I've homed in on [i]are[/i] ex fleet cars, but i've not been to see them yet. Agreed, taxis I would avoid, for the reasons you've given. Fleet servicing can be found if you contact the dealer that did it, usually the same dealer throughout.

If I was posting on a Renault forum, I would be deluged with replies regarding various issues, so the fact that I have received so few is a good thing. ;)
As long as the clutch, belts and tensioner's are done at the right interval you should be ok.
The car I have now is ex MOD lex white fleet and was in excellent condition other than minor paint blemishes.
The interior even seemed to have been redone at some point as the seats etc were spotless and have no wear.
I was lucky that I got the service book with mine and all the schedules were spot on.
Never had any mechanical problems with it other that a dirty fuel filter once and that was a quick fix on a service.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1353933518' post='218403']
As long as the clutch, belts and tensioner's are done at the right interval you should be ok.


The petrol is a chain driven cam I'm told, but the diesel still uses a belt, is that right?
When you say the clutch being done at the right interval, what do you mean? I've never heard of a clutch having a service interval, it gets replaced when it needs it doesn't it? If there is a service for the clutch, does that include the DMF?

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