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Full Version: A Newb In Need
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Someone help me please, i just changed the DMF, clutch and CSC in my 03 Focus TDCi, while bleeding the clutch, the master cylinder seal popped, making my footwell nice and wet :(

Bought a new one, had a snapped rod, swapped it and fitted it bled the clutch again till no air came through the slave, but clutch still really soft and not engaging. I've also noticed that the brake pedal is staying down slightly, so brake lights staying on, and feels really spongy.

Could they be related, do I need to bleed the brake system then the clutch, to fix it, or have I bought myself a dodgy slave cylinder and need to drop the gearbox off again?

First time I've done any major work on it, think it will be going to the garage from now on lol
The clutch and brakes both work off the same. reservoir so I'd say there is still air in the system or the master/slave cylinders are duff.
Try bleeding the brakes, rear first then front and check reservoir fluid level and once the brakes feel firm then the clutch should feel better too.
Thanks, will give it a try tomorrow after work, not going back out in the rain again tonight. As much as I love having a drive, a need a garage.
Just to update, brakes were fine didn't need bleeding, lights were staying on because the rod on the switch was jammed in. As for the clutch, well i gave up and sent it to a garage, I had been given the wrong clutch by Eurocarparts (who I doubt I will use again after this), it didn't quite sit up against the flywheel properly by millimetres it caused the slave cylinder to pop apart. The rod on the master cylinder was weak as well £570 later with a new clutch, master and slave cylinder cars running like a dream. Now to tackle Euros to get a refund on the parts, and reimbursement on the labour costs at the garage because of the error. Will try also to claim back costs of 2nd lot of gear oil and brake fluid, and recovery vehicle costs as well. Wish me luck, think I may need it.
Glad to hear you got it sorted out reasonably quickly, shame it was a right mare though.
If eurocarparts sent the wrong kit then they are at least liable for the price of the parts, postage and out of pocket expenses.
Whether they'll pay up for your fluids may be the only tricky part but if they want to keep a good customer relations record then they should do.
Please do keep us up to date on the situation.
Slightly off topic - - is the web offshoot of Eurocarparts - identical web pages, lower prices and free delivery.
My daughter had a problem with carparts4 and was able to resolve it in a webchat, so you may be able to do the same with Eurocarparts
i checked them out aswell, they were 10% off, and euros were 25% so not much price difference. had to go with euros tho because cp4l would only deliver to card holders address, and i was using my dads :) wish now id put the old clutch back in it looked hardly worn at all. we live and learn

im trying to reclaim the price of the clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder, the whole cost at the garage (parts included) cost of recovery, although that i may struggle with as a mate did it so got no receipt.

also compensation as i had no car for 1 week so had to use friends family and public transport for us both to get to work and the kids to school
also not running at all at the moment, my new starter motor got knackered by my old dodgy flywheel so needs replacing, and it kept stalling and not restarting so suspected crank sensor failure
Well Eurocarparts got back to me today, refunded me for the clutch kit, master cylinder, slave cylinder, gear oil, brake fluid, 2 pinch bolts that got broken taking the lower arm off (nice of em), and some of the labour charge.

They capped their labour refund at £35 ph, and I paid £45+vat, it was £100 short of what I paid, but still quite a result. They didnt even send the parts back to the manufacturer once I told them that id been informed since fitting it that you cant stick a sprung clutch plate onto a DMF. Info I coulda used b4 fitting it.

Moneys in the bank already, very pleased with the outcome.
Well done mate. Great outurn in the end
Must be a record, 10 days from the day I sent it back to the day I got my refund when they told me 4-6 weeks lol

Now I just need to sort out the stalling and not starting dilemma and get the car back on the road :(

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