Yesterday while out driving the glow plug warning light started flashing on the dash along with a definite loss of power. Loss of power aside the car still ran so I took it to the garage I regularly use, the mechanic hooked the car up to the diagnostic and came back to me with 2 faults showing, one was from the knock sensor on cylinder 4 the other was from an injector. The mechanic says without getting into it further he has no real idea of the problem and was unable to put a rough price on a quote. I'm looking for some advice please, a shoulder to cry on if you will, I spent a good chunk of cash in the summer getting one or two things done to this motor and had just had its MOT done the day before these faults occured, to put this motor back into the garage I'm going to have to borrow money to pay any bill, guess what I'm looking for is anyone who's had similar problems to tell me that's it's repairable. Cheers in advance guys!