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Full Version: Ford Focus Tdci Not Running Right
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I have a 2003 ford focus TDCI 1.8. I got the Timing belt changed last week at a local garage. after driving 50 miles on the new belt it frayed came off and bend 3 valves.

The local garage stripped the car replaced the valves and installed a new timing belt and tensioner. However he is now still trying to get the car to run, he is saying the car is gettin hard to start and will not rev, it sounds like it is running on 3 cylinders. no codes are showing up and the garage does not know what is wrong with it.

Any suggestions?

I think the first thing they should be looking for is why a new belt frayed after 50 miles ? Did something lock up to cause the belt to come off. Think the only good thing to come from this is the fact it is the garages problem to sort, NOT YOURS. If it has bent 3 valves it could have given a good slap on one or more of the pistons, and may have damaged your 'small ends' which will require removal of the pistons to inspect.
Sounds like a full strip down is needed.
I'd say something deep down is damaged.
Sounds like it's going to be pricey for the garage!
At least they're stepping up.
I would assume then, that when they did the original belt replacement they omitted to do the tensioner at the same time?
i would say that the timing is still out, do you know if they are using the proper kit to set this up.

thanks for the responses, the tensioner was replaced with the new belt, it has now been send to another garage and the timing has been doubled checked along with the rest of the engine. they are now thinking it is something to do with the injectors but still cant get it running right. there is fuel pressure to the Rail?? they think it may be an electrical problem with the injectors due to the head being taken off.
Fuel pressure regulator?
Im not 'in-the-know' or anything, just speaking from personal experience of starting problems...
Could the injectors have dropped their codes with them being unplugged????

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