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Full Version: Keyless Entry And Bluetooth Retrofit On A Titanium. Is It Possible?
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Hey guys. I got myself a 2011 Focus Mk 2.5 1.6 Duratec Titanium Estate and I wonder if I could fit my car with a Keyless Entry system. It already has Keyless Go so I have the keys and supposedly the sersors necessary. Would just replacing the driver's side outer door handle and hatch handle with keyless ones be enough or are there any other parts needed?

I also have the Sony stereo unit with phone controls but I obviously don't have the required BT unit to connect my phone. I found [url=""]"this"[/url] but I'm not certain it would be compatible with my car. What do you guys think?

I had a Fiat Marea Weekend before and I could find anything about it like parts database, service manuals, etc. on the internet but I couldn't find anything about my Focus. So I thought it might be a good idea to just ask. :rolleyes:
I would like to have keyless entry on my ST, very interested in the answer.

Alas, I think it will be expensive
There is a KVM sensor located under the boot carpet near the rear seats. I have push button start but no keyless entry however I believe this sensor is to do with the keyless entry. Maybe if you have that it may be possible to retrofit??
I'll see if I have that sensor but I believe there shouldn't be a need for extra sensors as the car is already capable of telling if the key is inside or outside the car.

Does anyone know where to find door handles online? Cause spare part prices are through the roof here in Turkey and I couldn't find any decent parts dealer online yet.
I've never noticed them come up on eBay, but still could be worth a dig through there.
Bluetooth can be done easily done, on my previous posts I wrote a bit, may do a tutorial soon!
[quote name='DaveRushton' timestamp='1353966038' post='218502']
Bluetooth can be done easily done, on my previous posts I wrote a bit, may do a tutorial soon!

Can't wait to see it. =)

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