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Full Version: Rusty Rear Brake Drums
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Im due to fit some shiny new black alloys to my fiesta mk 6. Before i put them on id like to either clean up my rear brake drums which have become a horrible rust colour. Is this possible it to do this and protect it to prevent it from happening again or is it just better to replace them? Also has anyone uprated their brake pads/would it be worth doing? cheers in advance
The drums bay be cleaned up with a wire brush and a good coating with primer and paint.
Unless the insides are scored or lipped they will not need replacing.
Whack a coat of Hammerite on, that's what I and many others have done ;)
The drums are cheap enough to buy im considering just buying new ones and painting them. Just easier than cleaning them cus im a lazy git haha
Sounds fair, I'd recommend new pads too though.
Well I'm looking to uprate my discs can you get uprated pads aswell?
I was going to say clean them But if Im honest with myself I would also buy new ones. The winter days are just to sort for wire brushes
if you are to get new drums then as said above new pads as well
Yeah ive just bought new pads and drums :) just need to get the alloys now

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