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Full Version: Stalk Control Adaptor Help?
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I've recently fitted a new head unit, everything is working fine.. Except for the stalk controls

Does anyone know exactly how to get the stalk control adaptor to work for an aftermarket head unit?

It's plugged into the wiring loom, and plugged into the head unit with the 3.5mm jack

But this alone doesn't work.

Anyone know what I'm missing?

Any advice is appreciated
Not all head units support the Ford remote controls
Mine does though as theres an input in the back of it for the stalk control adaptor to plug into and I purchased a complete fitting kit for it which included the stalk controls adaptor.

Intead of the stalk controls working, it just sends funny messages to the head units volume making it act out funny, resulting in the stalk adaptor needing to be unplugged.

I reckon I may just have a rogue stalk controls adaptor and the seller has said to return it for exchange
In the settings menu of the radio is there a "learning State" for the stalk adapter?
I can't see anything in the settings menu that even remotely refers to stalk controls or a learning option mate.

There isn't that much in the settings menu to be fair
I remember reading somewhere on google a while a go bout stalk adaptors in general n there being a 'learn mode' to go through to configure the stalk controls.

But I can't find anything in the settings to do with it. Surely there must be a sequence in the stereo somewhere to do it. I can't find the thing on google about it anywhere now.

Heres all the menu screens of the head unit




Can't find anything to do with the stalk controls

And as I mentioned about when the stalk control adaptor is plugged in, the stalk controls don't work but instead it messes up the volume controls on the stereo. This is what I mean:


Basically it won't let me turn the volume up, and If I try to it just turns it back down
Definitely a swapped wire somewhere or something similar.
Put it in post back to em today so when they receive it they'll send me out a replacement. Hopefully this will rectify the problem
Fingers crossed mate.

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