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Full Version: Anyone Have A Single/solid Flywheel On A 1.8Tdci
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hi all just trying to find out how other people are geting on with a solid flywheel, i had mine done a few months ago and the power loss is driving me crazy, its like the turbo has been taken off, has anyone else had this experiance or have the garage done something to it. thanks matt
have you taken it back to te garage to get it checkeout? could be a boost pipe is loose? is it smoking or drinking more fuel?

i dont think (i may be wrong) the smf conversion would make it do what you are describing.
The smf flywheel conversion sounds like a good idea to start with but has drawbacks.
Premature clutch and gearbox wear being among them.
A dmf sounds like a nightmare due to horror stories but in reality they have benefits and do a job.
Wait until they start bringing out triple mass flywheels in the near future.
Never heard of a SMF conversion bringing power loss, can only assume the problem is elsewhere.
thanks for replies, the only reason i could see it loosing power was cos the solid wheel was a lot heavier than the DMF, still get upto 60mpg and no oil loss, it does smoke well if you boot it but i dont no if it was like that before or not, i will have to investigate around the turbo and check the pipes for leaks etc
I had an SMF conversion done on my Mondeo if anything it made the engine more responsive - i dont think there is a lot of difference in the effective weights of the 2 different types (that the engine "sees") and i would concur with salsheikh and pitmonster that you may have another problem (not caused directly by the SMF)

There seems to be a lot of horror stories online about broken cranks, disintegrating clutches caused by SMFs but i never had any trouble with mine, (perhaps they were badly fitted, or the wrong ones?) my SMF had a hard life from a "souped up" engine and on balance i would say it is tougher than a DMF, it is just a solid bit of metal with no parts to break after all, (i suppose everything else would break 1st!) a sprung clutch plate helps to put the "give" back in the transmission

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